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Intercultural presentation

No description

Philip Andreasson

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Intercultural presentation

Cultural comparison Colombia - Sweden Content Colombian Generalities Sweden geography Colombian Geography Economy Generalities.
Some cultural aspects
Working life
Hofstede´s dimensions
Questions Population: 45 ´000´000
Size: 1´138´910 km 2
Geography & climate.
Regions: 5 different
GDP: USD 470,7 billion
Currency: Colombian Peso (COP)
Language: Spanish, some dialects.
Religions: 81% Catholic,13.5% Protestants, 2.3% Jewish Family
Stereotypes Imports


Purchasing power Sweden Generalities Population: 9.514.406
Size: 449.964 km2
Geography: Mountains, Forest and Fields
Weather: 4 seasons, +30 Cº to - 30 Cº
Regions: South, central and north
GDP: USD 381,7 billion
Currency: Swedish kronor (SEK)
Language: Swedish, English(University)
Religions: Protestantic, Islam Politic President
Diference in salary with a normal person: Big GAP
Influenced by catholic church Working life 10 - 18 M - F
Small gaps in salaries
Flat organizations
Technical problems
Democracy inside the companies Trends Individualism-
comparision Power distance-
comparison Masculinity
comparison Uncertainty avoidance-
comparison Long term achvment-
comparison Hofstede´s cultural dimensions Conclusion-
two different countries Countries with some cultural differences and different resources. Those differences can be seen as opportunities to learn more about human behavior, to develop tolerance and also to find business opportunities. Thanks! (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Some aspects Important
Leave home late Leave home at 18 - 20 King
Low/No corruption
Small gap in salary
Society don´t care about religion 0 100 0 100 0 100 0 100 0 100 Technology
Corn, Soy
Fuels Minerals, Energy
Agriculture products
Flowers Machines, Technology Oil, food, clothes Regular High Men like women with curves
Plastic surgeries.
Women care a lot about the look. Men not that much.
Use uniforms.
Business clothes
Latin american electronic, commercial music.
Influenced by US
Shakira, Juanes, Sofia Vergara People care about the look and their bodies
People dress how they want
Slim women
Strict business dresscode
Electronic and commercial music
ABBA, Swedish House Mafia 48 hours. 7:30 - 17. M - S
In a lower level, people do not express their opinion.
Desicions are made by the bosses.
Big differences in salaries. Blonde, blue eyes, calm, restricted, rich country, IKEA, beautiful people No prepared food Drugs, hot temper, good dancer,
intern wars, caffe, poor country, beautiful women Carl Philip Lennart Andreasson
Astrid Natalia Garcia Chavarria Questions ...?
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