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What is an Essay Anyway?

Simple explanation that's easy to understand.

carol ann campbell

on 29 June 2012

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Transcript of What is an Essay Anyway?

What is an Essay
anyway? What does an Essay look like? our Definition: Why is an essay not a narrative? An essay is a written text type that presents factual information about an objective topic.
Writing an essay is all about organising your thoughts and pursuading your audience to agree with you. A narrative tells a story, while an essay presents a valid argument through relevant examples and persuasive tone. Every essay follows this simple format:

Conclusion Introduction In one paragraph the purpose and goals of the essay are presented.
The tone intrigues the audience to want to read on. You may also want to list some examples of your main points at the end. Body Is organised in paragraphs, each containing a point, example and analysis. Remember that you must continue to answer the question throughout your essay.
The GPS Model is an easy and clever way to organise each body paragraph. Conclusion Restate your main point and briefly explained how you answered the question. Do not include any new information in your conclusion. ...and that makes an essay. This is not an essay. How will this help me? This prezi is here to help you understand HOW and WHY we use essays without any confusion.

Feel free to come back to this prezi anytime. ?
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