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To what extent do reason and emotion affect ethical decision

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Omnipotence Acolyte

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of To what extent do reason and emotion affect ethical decision

Emotional Ethics?
Ethics as Care
Real-life Example
Armin Meiwes
Voluntary choice - cool-off period
Cannibalistic element - collaboration
Bleeding --> killing
20kg consumed
Ethics - the study/cognition of moral principles guiding our lives
Would you...
A - Kill and eat the man
B - Walk away
Option A - Emotions
Maximising happiness for greatest number
Intensity, duration, and power
Role of Emotion...
Tells us what NOT to do - linked to intuition
Impulsive decisions made at the head of moment
The "id" driving us - pleasure
Both animalistic and human
To what extent do reason and emotion affect ethical decisions?

Brian Wong 12W

Reason - logic-based cognitive and thinking processes that depend heavily on axioms --> the three truth theories
Emotion - hedonism-based behaviours combined by both subjective perceptions and psychological responses
Logical Ethics?
Kantian Ethics
Competing forces
Complement each other
Affect us: framework/paradigm --> experiences --> positive/negative association
Self-interest Theory
Excitement - "sexual pleasure"
But... Problems
Moral status of actions?
Mill's Harms Principle
Societal displeasure?
Happiness before death...?
Why emotions do not
always apply...
Relativist view - pluralists vs. monists (Incoherent)
Arbitrariness (Constant changes)
"Crossing boundaries"
What are boundaries?
Option A - Reason
Contract and Consent
Rules - free will
Humans as ends, not means
Legitimacy of contract?
Contract vs. contract - binding force?
Special Pleading allowed?
Rights to end life? Property theory
Futility Argument - consent
Suffering and pain - utilitarianism
When Reason fails,
Humanity speaks...
Subjectivity and bias - dogmatism
False Authority
Emotional construct - the human element
Option B - Reason
Cognitive Processes
Past experiences
Social norms
Induction - is the guy crazy?
Golden Rule
Original Position
What makes a society ethical/fair?
Logical Fallacies
Subjective Reasoning
Tolerance of others?
Emotion - Ethics as Care
Boos and Cheers

Role of Reason
Retrospective justification
Cognitive Processes
Self-interest: survival
Afghan soldiers - shepherds
To kill or not to kill?
Price gouging after Katrina
To raise or not to raise?
Importance of ethics
Emotion = role as mediator and instant responses
Reason = long-term paradigm and underlying forces
Ergo: Reason more important
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