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People Change Management (FF)

Selling the concept

eSolutions All

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of People Change Management (FF)

The natural reaction to change
is resistance.
Don't underestimate the power of
the "comfort zone". People Change Management Current Situation Recommendation: People Change Management Why is it necessary? Technical side of change is managed well People side of change is managed poorly,
ad-hoc or not at all Project Managers inform users of upcoming changes No standard approach for managing people change No monitoring of 'change saturation' Too many changes for a particular group or sponsor? Consequences Passive or active resistance
Rumour mills start
People finding workarounds, revert to old ways
Poor utilisation and proficiency
Turnover of valued employees
The change being completely scrapped
Poor Return on Investment (ROI)

Remember, what will the employee tell their family about the change? What is it? “The process, tools and techniques to manage the people-side of change to achieve the required business results” Three Key Factors Why so
important? Participate actively and visibility throughout
Build a coalition of sponsorship with peers and managers
Communicate directly with employees Restructure New strategy Updated IT systems New processes Moving premises All require people to change the way that they work! Benefits and reason for change are often not communicated No standard tools or templates to follow 2009 © Prosci and Bill Cigliano Questions? New products Takeaways People are key! Successful initiatives require people to change the way that they work Active Sponsorship Sponsorship is the most important factor for success Preferred Senders Staff want to hear from their leaders, not project teams 5 aspects of change Use to assess barrier point and guide communication activities WIIFM?
Larger and faster uptake of tool
Active and engaged sponsors
Less resistance towards the change

More involved early on, input into the change
Desire to be part of the change
Quicker transition back to "comfort zone" ADKAR ADKAR When you're implementing the change When the change is happening to you Tip: Staff want to hear from:
CEO/Executive Sponsor: business reasons.
Immediate Supervisor: job implications.
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