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No description

Anna Peng

on 13 December 2011

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Transcript of Persimmons

Persimmons ! Common names: Persimmon, diospri, and cachi The Hachiya Persimmon! :D also means "Food of the Gods" The Fuyu Persimmon! :D APPEARANCE ~ Sujeonggwa bread~ cheesecake cookies pudding dried EXTERIOR: bright orange/golden yellow, glossy skinned, some flat, some pointy INTERIOR:
orange, moist, darker in the centre APPEARANCE Hachiyas Apple :) My dog :) Bag NUTRITION Vitamins A and C Dietary Fibre Carotenoids FACT: the centre of the persimmon, where the seeds are supposed to be, is slippery, sweet, and it also makes a "crunch" noise when chewed How to ripen persimmons quicker :D Darker seed pouch Crunchy!! HACHIYA FUYU TOMATO SHAPED CAN BE REFRIGERATED CRISP, SWEET, MILD HARVESTS AT AROUND LATE OCTOBER Anti-oxidents ~ Minerals Low in calories SHOULDN'T BE REFRIDGERATED RED-ORANGE COLOUR JELLY-LIKE INSIDES POINTY SHAPED Potassium Manganese Copper Beta carotene Lycopene (pronounced kah-key)
Origin: subtropical regions of China INTERESTING FACTS Cannot be eaten on an empty stomach Trees may take 7 years to mature Cannot be eaten with high protein crabs, shrimps, fish, and other foods Diabetics should not eat them There are male and female trees IT'S A FUYU PERSIMMON!! GROWING CONDITIONS ~Needs sun and air
~Soil cannot be too salty
~Only grows in deep holes
~Can withstand short periods of drought
~Will be of better quality of watered regularly The end... :D sujuftw!~ Consuming a Persimmon Eat them ripe! DO NOT eat the peel! Can be eaten raw or cooked :) ... *psst listen to Caroline*
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