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A Guide to Color Management

A presentation about color management for the graphic arts industry. Presented for Professional and Technical Writing, RIT, 2010

Maria Gorre

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of A Guide to Color Management

Color Management By Maria Gorre Professional and Technical Writing Audience Young professionals in the graphic arts industry
Overview Why is color management important?
What is it and how does it work?
Color Profiles
Color Management Workflow Why is Color Management Important? Accurately reproduce color
Consistent and repeatable color Meet customer expectations Fellow CIAS students at RIT RIT Logo (www.rit.edu) Young Professionals (www.dfas.mil) ? = $ Meeting customer expectations on color can increase customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction leads to MO' MONEY. Problem "What I've created on screen does not match what I printed!" ! How It Can Work for You Frustration Anger Confusion Apathy May 10, 2010 Solution "Color management is the answer!" ! Happiness Understanding Satisfaction Enthusiasm What is Color Management? Rick McCleary explains... Humans use words within a language to express ideas. Digital image files use numbers within a color space to express colors. A process that controls the specific color characteristics of a device,
and uses them to reproduce color effectively. - Sean McHugh words = numbers Provide an accurate translation of color among devices How Does It Work? Color Models Serve as an organizational system
Assign numbers to colors CMYK Device-dependent Device-independent * Device = any machine that reproduces color, like a scanner, camera, monitor, or printer A set of color values that are specific to an actual device A set of color values that attempts to model human color perception directly CIELAB RGB Effective Color Management Color Management System A program that calculates the actual translation between the device-dependent color space and the device-independent color space Color Profiles Provide meaning to color values for specific devices The Vehicles of Color Management Color profiles fingerprint how a device will reproduce color. - Andrew Rodney Profile Classes Input Display Output Using Color Profiles Assigning Converting Describes where the image came from Visible shift in the color of the image Before After Involves changing the RGB or CMYK values Preserves the color appearance an image between devices Source Destination Assign once, Convert Many ! Example Color Management Workflow 1. Get an input profile. 2. Assign the input profile. 3. Determine the output. 4. Get an output profile. 5. Convert to output profile. 6. Send file to output. Conclusion Any questions?
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