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Titration Lab

No description

Lee Bannister

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Titration Lab

Stoichiometry - Titration Lab

Before you start your lab
<quick youtube video asking students to complete the prelab>
Lab Safety
<quick video about the importance of lab safety>
Check with your teacher
Your teacher will check your prelab and setup
<have a quick video of the teacher coming over to check a lab's setup>
Titration Procedure
<video on how to run a titration>
Lab Clean-up
Goal of the Lab
Analysis & Conclusion
Pre - Lab
Complete your prelab

<link to prelab doc here>
Lab Safety
Do you have your lab coat on?
Do you have your protective eye glasses on?
Is all loose hair/clothing tied back?
Do you have the proper footware?
Check with your Lab Teacher
Did s/he check your prelab?
Did s/he approve your setup?
Proper Technique
The First Run...
During you first run, it is ok to overshot a little to save time...

Repeat until you have 3 reliable trial runs within 0.2 difference
Cleaning Equipment
Disposing of chemicals/materials
Check your results
Post your prelab result to the discussion board to see if they are correct

Or , post to a twitter-style page
Or , email your teacher a pdf of your prelab (or in a dropbox)
Or , record your prelab results in a youtube presentation and send link to teacher.
Or , have an assignment block (HUB) that autochecks your prelab results.
If they are not correct...
Recheck your results
If you do follow :)
If you don't follow? :(
Sources of Error
Connect to their world/life
HUB - An activity where students would identify setup that is still not done.
HUB - Students would check a prelab and identify where they went wrong and what they should have done instead.
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