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New American Expressionism (Plastic Theatre)

No description

Kattttttie P

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of New American Expressionism (Plastic Theatre)

Plastic Theatre New American Expressionism Blue Piano Representation: Stanley unmasking Blanche's truth
Symbol: Blanche’s desire to escape Locomotive Example:
Effect: Blue Piano
Varsouviana Polka
Sound Effects Examples in A Streetcar Named Desire Representation: the spirit of life
Significance: cyclical structure of the play SYMBOLISM! What is Plastic Theatre? polka tune

arouses a sense of loss and regret for Blanche.
strains of a polka become more and more insistent as the truth of Blanche's past moves closer to her present refuge.
-when talking to Mitch (minor and major)

This is increasingly heard after then, as Blanche loses mental control.
When Blanche is discovered alone in Scene 9, the polka is rapid. The Varsouviana Polka It’s only paper moon!”
These lyrics sum up Blanche’s approach to life. She believes that her lying is harmless and pretends sexual innocence.
Discordant noises and jungle cries -> she descends into madness and ignores reality
Sound Effects
Blanche’s loss of the grip of truth and reality.

Draws the audience into Blanche's nightmarish state of mind.
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