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David cahya

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of isys114

Database Security Definition Threats in Database System Database Security Features Conclusion Database Security is a protection of the database against loss or unauthorized use Unauthorized, unintended or misuse of database
Physical damage to hardware
Malware infections
Theft & Fraud Views - restrict views of database to certain user There are lots of threats that will make database vulnerable, but a well made security and doing various kind of security will be able to make the database secure. Database Security is worth the investment for every database, especially when containing sensitive data. Integrity Controls - Protecting data from unauthorized use and update
Authorization Rules - restricting access to data and actions users do when accessing data
Encryption - coding or scrambling sensitive data
Authentication - Using password, pin codes, fingerprints to access database Without database security, there will be threats that could danger the database.
Such as : This is a list of features the database security provides to protect the database : So that's why we need it ! But that's not all, database security only covers the whole computing environment, so there are also various things outside of database security that could support it. Such as: IT Change Management - having a change control board, so every authorized change in the database must be put into process before to the production Logical Security - making security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to database.
Example: limiting access to certain parts of the building IT Operations - policies and procedures of the company related to day-to-day activities.
Example: external maintenance of software and hardware
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