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Complimentary Colors

ART 363 MW 10

Lamont McDaniel-Johnson

on 9 September 2010

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Transcript of Complimentary Colors

COMPLIMENTARY COLORS Complimentary Colors are colors that are opposite in hue. Red is Complimetary to Green Orange is complimentary What are Complimentary Colors? Why are Complementary Colors Important in Color Theory? What Happens if You Mix Complementary Colors? When placed next to each other, complementary colors make each other appear brighter, more intense. The shadow of an object will also contain its complementary color. If you mix complementary colors with one another, you get a TERTIARY COLORS, particularly browns (rather than grays). to Blue Yellow is complimentary to Violet Apples In A Green Glass Bowl
Oil on Canvas 2003
Size: 16 x 20 Uknown Title
by: Samantha Keely Smith
Oil on Canvas
The Violet Thinks
Color Poster 2009
18"x24" **The Blue makes the Orange stand out more** **The Violet makes the Yellow stand out more** **It has a usage of all the complimentary colors in one artwork** By: Desmond McDaniel
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