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Play Writing

Because you don't believe us

Frankie Turiano

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Play Writing

Anyone who has ever written anything has started
in the same place Idea -> Content Description -> Draft -> Draft -> Draft... Before anything is ever published
or performed, it is first subject to rewrites.
EVERYONE does this. Facts:
Someone named George Lucas used to make fun fantastical films

Now he thinks he is above the rewrite system

The result has tarnished the memories of an entire generation in love with Star Wars



Quentin Tarantino is an Academy Award Winning Screenwriter
You can take any scene of dialogue from anyone
of his films, put it on a stage and it will WORK In 2005 he announced he had written a WWII script* BUT, knowing it wasn't ready, he put it through rewrites*

Tarantino is rich and famous-but still hands his script over to producers A writer NEEDS different perspectives, to hear more voices. This is the ONLY way their work will grow. This process is not for classrooms only; everyone from playwrights to screenwriters do this every single day And the last people that didn't say anything to a screenwriter were all the people who made this movie
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