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Masculinities and Globalization (9/7/16)

No description

Francisco Galarte

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Masculinities and Globalization (9/7/16)

Masculinities and Globalization
Prof. Galarte - GWS 150B

Production of hegemonic masculinity on a world scale
Global markets, where all can participate.
Global economy highly unequal
Major Economic Actors:
1. United States,
2. European Union,
3. Japan
Local lives are influenced by geopolitical struggles, global markets, multinational corporations, labor migration and transnational media.

World Gender Order (WGO)
Int'l relations, trade and global markets are inherently an arena of gender formation and politics (remember role of institutions).

The structure of the relationships that interconnect the gender regimes of institutions and gender order of a local society on a world scale.
Gangham Style
In a few words describe any imagery in this video you associate with masculinity and/or globalization?
Institutions are where masculinities are constituted and
Roots of WGO in Three Historical Phases
1. Colonial Conquest
2. Stabilization of Colonial societies
3. Political decolonization and Economic
Masculinities of Colonial Conquest
Soldiers, sailors, traders
violence and ego centric individualism
attacks on local gender arrangments
Masculinities of Empire
Colonizers more "manly" than colonial subjects
Gender symbols of superiority and inferiority
Contact changes gender arrangments
Masculinities of Postcolonialism and Neoliberalism
Dominant masculinity associated with those in control of institutions
Trans-national business masculinity
Ego-centrism, conditional loyalties, declining sense of responsibility
WGO is patriarchal - privileges men over women

Creation of a dominant form of masculinity that embodies, organizes, and legitimates men's domination in the gender order
Which is shaped by the

Global to Local
WGO can disrupt and destabilize masculinity at a local level

At a local level this leads to hardline, rigid masculine fundamentalism and anti-internationalism

Anti-internationalism means that the "world" becomes the source of pollution to local gender hierarchies
Global Mass Media
"gender images"
Western definitions of authoritative masculinity, criminality, desireable femininity
global culture is a turbulent and uneven process
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