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World Hunger

No description

Haleigh Elkins

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of World Hunger

World hunger is an extremely serious issue that affects 1 in 8-9 people. Around 795 million people have to face this issue every day. The most affected countries are in the area of the middle east and Africa.
What Causes World Hunger
 Floods, Storms, and rains and also heat and other extreme weather can cause a lot of destruction and wipe away houses.
 Wars cause people to leave their homes and jobs out of fear.
 Prices of food products have been very unstable.

How Can We Solve It?
World Hunger
By: Hudson Shank, Luke Noonan, Alana Alviar, Haleigh Elkins, and Maria Guzman

Using my sources, I found a few ways that we can solve this international issue
Start By Helping Zambia- They are one of the most hungry places and they desperately need help.
We Need To Donate Money For Food Connect Local Farmers- More food will be developed
Feed The Youth / Kids- They will grow up and be healthier, and healthier offspring will develop
Target Women- If we target women's health, they will have healthier babies
12.9% of the world is hungry.
98% of worldwide hunger exists in underdeveloped countries.
Nearly 17,000 children die before age 5 due to hunger every day.
Most starvation is happening in Africa, where one in every four people are hungry.

In Our Community
One in four children in North Carolina have malnutrition. Approximately 160,000 people in North Carolina receive emergency food assistance. To learn more about hunger in our state, to donate, or just to help out, visit ncfoodanks.org
Problems With World Hunger
During our research, we found out how big of an issue world hunger is and how many people are affected.
World hunger affects many. World Hunger is viewed as a dimension of extreme
. One in seven people in the world are
. Food prices are rising and with that some can not afford food. That leads to more starving people.

https://www.wfp.org/hunger/ causes
http://www.thp.org/issues/ hunger/
What Is World Hunger?
Famine- Severe starvation.
Malnutrition- Not enough food to support normal life functions.
Manifestation- an event or action that clearly shows or embodies something


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