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Death Penalty

Is the Death Penalty right or wrong?

Justin Owens

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of Death Penalty

DEATH PENALTY Is it fair to sentence someone to death? What kind of example is our government setting for killing someone for killing. Innocent people could be sentenced to death for a crime they didn't do. I don't think it's right for our government to sentence someone to death for killing because our government is contradicting itself for doing so. I also think that being put to death is a lighter sentence then serving the rest of your life in prison. Why take away a persons life who doesn't care if he lives or dies? Put him in prison for the rest of his life a make him realize what he did. What kind of example
is our government setting
by killing people for killing
other people. What point does that prove to society? It doesn't
keep other people from killing so what are we going
to do just kill all the people who want to kill. So do you think that the death penalty is right?
Just think about if it was you on death row! http://www.culturepub.fr/videos/amnesty-international-amnesty-fr-death-penalty
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