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Cyclopes' Island

No description

Nina Su

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Cyclopes' Island

Are you looking for a new home? Look no further, Cyclopes' Island has something for everybody, and you will surely never want to leave! Welcome to Cyclopes' Island! Geography Food Warning What residents of Cyclopes' Island have to say Why don't you join these residents? Since this is an island, you are worried about how to get food right?
Don't worry anymore, for the island has many food sources. You can find fresh and natural grains, fruits, and vegetables at your fingertips. There are Cyclopes' living on the island too, so don't be surprised. That's why it's called Cyclopes' island. "I love it here!" - Stephen Hawking
"The Cyclopes' help me exercise everyday."
"I never run out of things to do here!"
"I feel like I'm getting younger everyday."
"This place is so relaxing. It's like I'm on a vacation in paradise." Cyclopes' Island is full of places for the little explorer in you! Like:
Fields and
Beaches There are also sheep roaming around. Welcome! Come now because houses are limited, and make Cyclopes' Island your home, your personal paradise. Even Odysseus said that Cyclopes' Island was beautiful!
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