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color me dark


Mafe Guerra

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of color me dark

Book Report
By: Maria Fernanda Guerra
Author of the book:Patricia C. McKissack
Nellie Lee Love lived with her family in Bradford Corners, Tennessee but her older brother (William) and uncle (Uncle Pace) where in war. One day in the early morning there was a knock on their door, it was Sheriff Bell and others men that brougth in Uncle Pace. Uncle Pace was very hurt. Two days later grandma Nessie told Nellie and Erma Jean to take a quick care of Uncle Pace while she do some stuff. While they take care of Uncle Pace, He died.
Since the death of Uncle Peace, Erma Jean can't talk so they take her to the doctor in Chicago. After taking Erma Jean to Chicago their dad saw there are many more opportunists for colored people in Chicago. So they went to Chicago where her family needed to adapt to the new way of life. In Chicago they went to the church and in the church Reverand Prince gave them some tips to deal with live. main events Conflict and Resolution The theme of this book is that it dosn't matter how you are; we all should have the same opportunities. Them Nellie Lee Love
Erma Jean
Uncle Pace
Grandpha Till
Grandma Nessie
Uncle Messe
Reverand Prince Characters Color me Dark Conflict There was alot of racism in Tennessee Resolution They move to Chicago where there were more opportuinieties Them Them Setting The setting of the book is part in Bradford Cornners ,Tennessee and the other half in Chicago.
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