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the Republic of Texas

Americans in Mexican Texas Conflict with Mexico Siege of Alamo Texan Independence The Lone Star State

Aidan Turner

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of the Republic of Texas

The Republic of Texas Siege of Alamo Americans in Mexican Texas Conflict with Mexico The Lonestar State Texan Independance d •American farmers wanted to settle in texas •Spain refused to give them land at first •1821, Spain gave Moses Austin a land grant* •Stephen Austin his son took over the colony after Moses died •After Mexico won independence from Spain Austin made sure he was still allowed to his colony by going to Mexico city •About 300 families and slaves moved to the Texas colony •1830, about 20,000 Americans moved to Mexico* •1830, no more American were allowed to settle* •Mexico feared of losing Texas because the U.S tried to buy it twice •The Dictator banned slaves in Mexico which angered the U.S •October 1835, Texans in Gonzolas clashed with Mexican troops which were forced to withdraw* •Independence on March 2nd 1836 •When Santa Anna reached Antonio the position in the Alamo(old Spanish missionary)* •Texans were low on supplies and were 150 V. 6,000 well equipped Mexicans* •2/23/1836 siege begins* •The Texan soldiers sent out a messenger to other Americans for help •3/6/1836 the walls of the Alamo broke this meant hand to hand combat •3/6/1836 the walls of the Alamo broke this meant hand to hand combat* • 180 Texans and 15,000 Mexicans died* •Survivors were executed* •The fall of the Alamo ignited cries of revenge •News of what happened at the Alamo inspired people to join the Texans •Houston worked hard to turn the volunteers into a good army •April 21, 1836 the Texans caught the Mexicans by surprise* •Battle of Jacinto lasted 18 minutes Texans killed 630 Mexicans and captured 700* •Texans captured Santa Anna forcing him to sign a treaty of Independence* •Called Lone Star State because of their flag •Constitution based on U.S one •1836, Sam Houston was elected president* •Mexico refused to sign Santa Anna treaty* •Texas was nearly bankrupt* •Indians attacked Texan colonist* •They wanted to become part of U.S because of these problems* • U.S argued weather to annex Texas •The North didn’t want to because they were a slave state •The South did because they were slave owners •During panic of 1837 more than 1000 people moved to Mexico* •1840, more than 140,000 people lived in Texas* The End
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