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Copy of Current and media affairs in the public services

No description

Kevin Guy

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Current and media affairs in the public services

Unit 24 Current media
affairs in public services Describe how changes in technology
have affected the gathering
and presentation of information
in different types of media What is Media? Normally, "media" refers to multiple
means of communication. For example, television, radio, and the newspaper are different types of media. The term can also be used for the press or news reporting agencies. So how has the
media developed? Types of media Radio Television Internet Newspapers Magazines There are 3 types of media Electronic, Print and New Media. Electronic media which includes T.V & radio. Print media which includes newspapers, magazine's & journals and third one being New Media this media consist on internet or computer media. Back in the day Town criers were the most important and only way of spreading news with the people of a town. Many could not read newspapers and there was no other way for the news to get told. Then the news paper arrived. This meant that people could recieve news weekly either for local or international stories, advertisements, announcements or sports news. News papers are benificial because all age groups can have access to the papers.
1.) Town crier
2) Newspaper
3.) Radio
4.) Television
5.) Internet Then the radio became.
This ment that daily broadcasts
of news could be published.
After the radio came the television This ment that the way the media
was now presented was alot more
technological and frequent with a live
picture, and now it can also be viewed
in 3D or HD
The internet Now in 2012 the media can be accessed by computers laptops
ipads and phones for up to
minuite date information. now the media
can be accessed
when ever needed
by the internet. The
media now can be
presented in any way
that you want, The media can have an effect on an event at the same time as reporting it. By this i mean how the way a story or head line is wrote. For example: "Soldiers react to US Marine
urination video" This means that its got a huge ability to have an effect on an event by broadcasting information that could make a situation worse for example the londion riots organised by BBM. with the regualr
Positive effects of the development of media: The media can have a tremendous impact on public perceptions of events related to the public services. The coverage the media provides can either strengthen public support for the services or paint the services in a very poor light. Emma Fawcett :) Journals Computer
media Types of media Stages of news getting spread This is a short video that shows you the role of a town crier. details on
the first
bbc news
tv broadcast Graphical There are lots of benifits now to the development of media. Without the media, most people wouldn’t know events beyond their neighbourhood. With the news however all you have to do is turn on a television or turn to the Internet. Even when it is biased or limited, it is a picture of what is happening around the world. The media can be very helpful at times, if we look at the raoul moat situation which became the 2010 Northumbria Police manhunt we were watching live updates of police information by the minuite. Negative effects of the development of media: For media to sell it almost seems like
it has to be putting someone or something
in the bad lights. The papers like to highlight
on headlines that they dont even know the
full truth about, they have this way of twisting a story to keep the readers interested. Media has a way of broadcasting information that can make situations alot worse by drawing un- wanted attention to it, For example the london or bristol riots. Whilst getting updated on news channels it gave people the chance to find out locations or were the trouble was occuring. Radio 1
Capital FM
Radio 4 Facebook
bbc News
News & Star
The Cumberland Like the newspaper
the radio can be listened
to by all age groups so
there is an advantage for
live news update to take
place as radio shows are
mostly broadcasted live.
The radio have diffrent channels that
people can tune in to, for example Radio 1
bradcast for ages 15-29 and radio 4 is for
the older generation.. The t.v has live news
channels that can be
tuned in to at any time
of the day for media updates
for example sky news. Thanks for watching is
there any questions?
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