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The Changing Face of Travel Technology

A keynote presentation for the TravelTech conference in Sydney Australia. A look back at the history of travel technology and where it will be 5 years from now.

Stephen Joyce

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of The Changing Face of Travel Technology

The Changing Face of
Travel Technology
Stephen Joyce
CEO Rezgo
0 BC
Creation of the hotel registry
600 Inns in England
Travel guidebooks
Pregnant woman and her husband are forced to seek refuge in a stable because of a lack of occupancy at the local Inn.
The Booking Crisis Begins
Rise of rail travel
Mass construction of hotels
First city centre hotels
Decline in highway inns
Birth of Modern Hospitality
Mass Travel & Transport
Thomas Cook strikes deal with Midland Railway.
1845 arranges travel for 165K travellers.
The Travel Agency is Born
Many recognizable airline brands form: Qantas, Delta, American Airlines, PanAm.
Rapid growth in air travel
Airlines take Flight
New routes open up with investment in airports and infrastructure.
Rapid Growth
American Airlines Magnetronic Reservisor
TCA Reservec computerized reservation system
The Rise of Automation
Success of SABRE and Reservec prompt other airlines to automate.
Deltamatic, DATAS, Apollo & PARS
Airlines Go Electronic
United provides reservation terminals to agents.
Other airlines soon follow.
Bookings & terminals are linked.
Travel Agent Access
Airline owned GDSes are accused of screen bias.
US Goverment introduces anti-screen bias legislation.
GDS gets smacked
US centric Sabre is frowned upon by European carriers.
Travicom/Galileo & Amadeus are systems of choice in Europe.
Europe vs. U.S.
Joe Saunders founds first car rental company.
John Hertz acquires a competitor, sells to GM
Car Rentals Rev Up
Airlines, Hotels, and Car rental companies establish websites with online booking/reservation.
Commercial Internet
Sabre offers online airline and hotel reservations through Compuserve and GEnie.
1987 Fidelio unveils the first enterprise property management system.
PMS/HRS arrives
Priceline emerges with "Name your own price" model for booking hotels. Extends the model to cars, home loans, and second hand goods.
Priceline Opaque Model
Coincidently, Travelocity, a division of Sabre also launches online offering air,car, and hotel.
Travelocity Starts up
Airlines benefit from government contracts to transport troops and goods.
Avis airport cart rentals launches
Air Transport Increases
Supply Creation
Technologies that help to produce supply
for example, development of hotels, railways,
cars, and aircraft.

Supply Management
Technologies for supply management and process
automation. Early reservation and availability systems
such as Reservisor, Reservec, and SABRE emerge.
Sales & Distribution
Increased focus on sales and distribution.
Starts with access for travel agents and moves
to direct consumer bookings.
6 major airlines join forces to launch Orbitz.
This annoys other OTAs who complain to the DOJ
Airline Owned OTA
Viator launches things to do website catering to tour and activities.
Excursions Online
Tripadvisor launches as a forum for reviewing hotels and destinations.
User Generated Content
Expedia, a division of Microsoft, launches offering bookings online for air, car, and hotel.
Expedia launches
Kayak and Sidestep emerge to provide "Metasearch" capabilities.
Meta Search is Born
Cloud based platforms like Rezgo, TourCMS, and Guestcentric appear providing cost effective solutions for long tail travel segments.
Software as a Service
Homeaway launches giving rise to more vacation rental and alternative accommodation marketplaces.
Alternative Marketplaces
Airlines come together to form OpenTravel Alliance to develop industry standard messages.
OpenTravel Alliance
iPhone 3G and release of the iOS SDK make it possible for developers to create mobile apps.
Mobile finally!
HotelTonight launches a mobile only last minute booking app. Soon raises $35M in funding.
Money for Mobile
Google acquires ITA Software who powers several metasearch and OTA websites. Fairsearch freaks out.
Google Flights
Lightweight XML & JSON APIs allow direct connectivity to suppliers and aggregators of all stripes.
Lightweight access
Better access to personalization data will allow suppliers to provide more relevant choices.
Personalized Shopping
Advanced Discovery
New ways of searching, finding, and presenting
existing supply directly to consumers. Shift in business
models from merchant to marketing. Cloud enables long tail supply.
Airbnb launches allowing residents with spare rooms to earn extra money.
Peer to Peer Appears
Mainstream booking services will make multi-modal a normal part of the booking process.
Multimodal Mainstream
Contextual personalization and recommondations of location sensitive offerings.
Wearable Technology
The Future Face of travel technology is...
instant, contextual, personalized, customized
What does
the future hold?
Facebook reaches 1 Billion active monthly users. Actual impact on travel website revenues is still unknown.
1 Billion on Facebook
Companies like Checkmate start providing services like mobile check-in to streamline guest experience.
More mobile tech
In its bid to become the go to app for all things travel, TripAdvisor buys Viator for $200M USD.
TripAdvisor Buys Viator
Expedia acquires number two and three rivals Travelocity and Orbitz to become the number one OTA.
Expedia rules
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