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Stephanie Aguilar

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Mythopedia

stephanie aguilar FATES the Fates in Greek mythology are shown
as three old, haggish women. They are said
to have complete & utter control over
mankind, as well as Gods as well. HADES Hades is the god of the Underworld in Greek
mythology. The Underworld, unlike Christian Underworld,
is for everyone who dies - not just the bad. Because
the Underworld is considered a cold and desolate place,
the Greeks tried to get the most out of their life. an archetype is a story pattern, which can be shown in movies, books, poetry, etc. A common archetype we learned about was Medieval Romance and Hero's Journey. the story of King Arthur is a legend (Arthurian Legend), which means
it was true in the beginning, but because of so much story-telling, the story soon became false. PARIS Paris of Troy, in Greek mythology, is known to have caused the Trojan War. Paris must choose between three goddesses on their beauty, because Eris had thrown a golden apple stating "to the fairest". Paris, an unsuspecting human, does not realize that whichever goddess he chooses, there will be consequences I picked Paris because I loved the Trojan war, and because of the plays we did. EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY Egyptian Mythology has always fascinated me,
mostly because of the Egyptian's view of the after life. They believed that once a person died, they went through a series of trials to make sure that the person was worthy enough. They disposed of the brain because they thought it was "useless". ERIS, GODDESS OF STRIFE Eris is not known as the goddess of strife for nothing. Other than
Paris of Troy, Eris is the main reason the Trojan War had started, according to Greek mythology. The only apparent reason that Eris started the war was to watch a fight. She threw the golden apple into the party, and it was all downhill from there. discordia WICCAN COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS: -wiccans do not make sacrifices.
-wiccans do not believe that the magic they use is bad.
-they do not worship the devil.
-wiccans don't meet with satan during halloween an practice spells. ACTUALLY, all of these are myths or some form of
legends. common misconceptions:
-they are devil-worshippers
-they sacrifice animals and human beings.
-they're main goal is drive people away from Christ. NOPE. Satanists actually do not worship the devil,
make sacrifices, nor try to pull people away from Jesus Christ.
Their main goal is to be happy on this planet, and the word "Satanism" is actually an analogy; "Satanism" is refferring to earth as being a dark, cruel, place. Satan, in the religion of Satanism, is a force of nature, not a deity. IN FACT, Satanists actually have sins as well. However, they are a bit different:

1.) Stupidity
2.) Pretentiousness (reality, not expectations)
3.) Solipsism (self is the only real thing)
4.) Self-Deceit
5.) Herd Conformity
6.) Lack of Perspective
7.) Forgetful of Past Orthodoxies
8.) Counterproductive Pride
9.) Lack of Aesthetics *They also believe in an inverted
"Golden Rule" - they believe that you should treat others the way they treat you, not the other way around. EAST OF THE SUN and WEST OF THE MOON East of the Sun and West of the Moon is a Norwegian Folk tale, written by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen. It will always be a favorite simple because it will remind me of this class. Hands down Mythology was my favorite class this year. "She knew it was east of the sun and west of the moon, but that was all." BY:
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