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3 Major Oil Spills

3 oils spills round the world :)

Jessica Petrus

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of 3 Major Oil Spills

3 Major Oil Spills In The World Jessica Petrus LG4 The Torrey Canyon Oil Spill

When: March 18, 1967
Where: Scilly Isles, UK
Amount spilled: 25-36 million gallons 1st Major Oil Spill The spill created an oil slick measuring 270 square miles, contaminating 180 miles of coastland. More than 15,000 sea birds and enormous numbers of aquatic animals were killed before the spill was finally contained. 2nd Major Oil Spill When: 3 April 2010
Where: Great Barrier Reef
Amout Spilled: 950 tonnes The Great Barrier Reef Oil Spill The damage the oil spill caused was very severe and killed over 500,000 sea birds and sea creatures. 3rd Major Oil Spill When: Dec. 19, 1972
Where: Gulf of Oman
Amount spilled: 35.3 million gallons The Sea Star Oil Spill The South Korean supertanker, Sea Star, collided with a Brazilian tanker, the Horta Barbosa, off the coast of Oman on the morning of Dec. 19, 1972. The vessels caught fire after the collision and the crew abandoned ship. Although the Horta Barbosa was extinguished in a day, the Sea Star sank into the Gulf on Dec. 24 following several explosions. Thanks For Watching My Prezi <33 x
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