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A Midsummer Night's Dream: Character Presentation: Helena

A PFC Chart description of Helena as a character.

Dana Broberg

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of A Midsummer Night's Dream: Character Presentation: Helena

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Character Analysis By Chloe Kruis, Caroline Witzel and Dana Broberg Who are they? What are they like? Do you like them?
Why or why not? What do they teach us? Hey guys! It's Dana! I don't know if you guys like the layout or colours or anything (I was just playing with ideas), so this can be our little comment box. If you have a comment just put it in this box!
Caroline: Hey Dana, looks great :D would we be able to combine the "what they do" and "how they do it" bubbles? Chloe and I have an idea
Dana: sure one sec.........
Caroline: beaut. Thanks :

Dana: hey guys - i pretty much finished my part so if there's anything youd like me to change or if you want me to help with anything else just let me know! btw - everytime we go on after everyones been off for a while, start your name in black so it doesnt get to confusing to look at and read where everyones been typing, and when they were. Chloe if you have any ideas (on theme/colour/whatever) when you see this just let us know in here! Cant wait for trick-or-treating!!!!!! lol................. bye! ;)
CAROLINE: Yo guys. So I worked on mine too. Chloe and I can collaborate tomorrow. We can pretty much delete most of this so that's what I've done ^^
Caroline: Dearest Chloe. Welcome to the chat box. Enjoy
Chloe: Caroline and Dana i am from the past. you are reading this in the future..... Hey!!!!
Caroline: hey chlo :D whats up
Chloe: nothing just finished dancing!!!
Chloe: should i add anything to do we like them and why???
Carolnie: You could do something about how she is single minded and only has one purpose in life, and only having one purpose in life is really crappy
Chloe: Okay thankyou ever much!!! i was stuck.
Caroline: No problem. We can polish everything off tomorrow
Caroline: beaut!
Chloe: thanks! last minute touch ups tomorrow then.
Caroline: Dana will not be very happy with our shapes :p i actually like them tho
Chloe: yeah i do to!!!! i really like the stars!
Caroline: maybe she will like them if we are acting mentally sane tomorrow
Chloe: LOLOL we were kinda CRAZY! :D
Chloe: is the what they did and how bubble readable if you view the presentation?
Caroline: no we'll have to do one zoom in on the text
Chloe: yeah that is what i was thinking> it's kinda hard to read!
Chloe: im going to do other homework now have fun working! What do they do and how do they do it? 1. "Courts" Demetrius, and afterward she expresses how she wants to stay with him and still loves him, by stalking him, begging and getting upset 2. Shows her jealousy toward Hermia by complaining about Hermia's "unfair" beauty in comparison to her own desperate
single-minded (towards love)
self-conscious/low self esteemed
self-centered selfish
quick to conclusions
jealous We learn from Helena's mistakes. 1. "Don't put all of your effort and existence into one single person/thing/etc."
e.g. Helena spends much of her life trying to impress Demetrius, and blocks herself out from the rest of her life and friendships. 2. "Value friends over love."
e.g. Helena betrays long-time/good friend (Hermia) for love, and cannot regain her trust, or trust her, for a long time 3. "Put yourself in others peoples' shoes."
e.g. Helena blames Hermia for Lysander and Demetrius's obsession over her (due to love potion), without realization of Hermia's dealing with the same problem. 4. "Trust those you've trusted longer."
e.g. Helena didn't trust that Hermia wasn't behind the love potion problem, although she'd known her for a long time 3. Sends Demetrius after Hermia by telling Hermia's secret (that she has "taken flight" with Lysander) and betraying her 4. Desperately follows Demetrius around and is constantly chasing and threatening him to stay with her. 5. Explicitly expresses her love for Demetrius by begging and pleading, saying she will do anything for him, and following him wherever he goes. 6. Rejects Lysander, by running away in disgust. She becomes paranoid that the other 3 humans are all playing a trick on her. 7. Betrays and bullies Hermia by blaming her for what is both of their misfortunes (Lysander and Demetrius both in love with Helena), and not taking ownership for her faults in the relationship. 8. Has a disagreement with Hermia by pushing her in the mud, insulting and attacking her. 9. Gets married to Demetrius happily and willingly with Theseus's approval.
Nedar's daughter
Hermia's best childhood friend
Demetrius's lover Helena 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 No, because Helena only thinks of Demetrius and is selfish. She doesn't trust others and cannot be trusted herself. Helena is very single-minded and only has one goal in life, to make Demetrius love her. What did they do: black How did they do it: yellow
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