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Level Up!

Presentation of the all-new Level Up course at Queen's School of English, Wroclaw, Poland.

Nicholas Parslow

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Level Up!

One week of intensive learning Level Up your progress! Level up is a 60-hour intensive course No need for homework Pre-course assessment test
Detailed needs analysis
Daily progress review Facilities Tradition Why this course is for you? Individually tailored Controlled learning environment Testimonials That's one academic semester ... in one week! Complete language immersion: Classes in your target language Lunch in your target language News and TV in your target language A quick introduction and you're straight into the action! lunch Welcome Intensive Lessons Self-Study breaks Tea and coffee breaks final class Optimal length to maximize learning Time to review and revise
at your own speed Brain food and drinks to
keep your batteries fully-charged Final test of your progress and well done you've made it! Presentation of certificate and plan how to keep improving Not your everyday language course Special Welcome Pack including:
Queen's school of English educational materials
Lower Silesian bilingual business magazine Wifi
Wheelchair access
Spacious, well-equipped classrooms
Conveniently located 200m from Renoma shopping centre Over 10 years language training experience
British Council 'Addvantage' accredited school
Friendly and welcoming atmosphere
Qualified native-speaker teachers
Professional Polish teachers Guaranteed progress “As site leader of a large manufacturing plant, I needed to quickly and effectively learn Polish language. Level Up! Intensive™ was like jumping in the deep end. I soon learnt to make myself understood at a basic level, something I didn't think I would ever achieve.” "After being promoted to manager I decided on Level Up! Intensive™ to boost my language skills. I can't say that I've become a perfect speaker overnight, but because of the intensity of the learning, I was able to start thinking in English. Now I feel more confident dealing with my boss even though he's from abroad." Contact ul. T. Kociuszki 14 50-038 Wroclaw Tel.: 71 798 14 14

Kom.: 502 201 749 biuro@queensenglish.com.pl
www.queensenglish.pl Lunch with your teacher at a different quality restaurant each day of the week
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