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Prezi Custom Autoplay Speed



on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Prezi Custom Autoplay Speed

When showing a Prezi in Autoplay Mode you can only set one single speed for the whole Prezi.
4 sec.
10 sec.
20 sec.
There is a workaround!
For everyone to use and free of cost.
This Message will be displayed for 7 seconds.
Be patient....
This takes 11 seconds now.

That's it! Do you like it?
To view this Prezi please press the Play button.
This is how the workaround can be used:
1. Download a recording software (for example Audacity)
2. Record an audio track in the desired length (example: 7 sec.) with muted microphone.
3. Save the audio track in wav or mp3 format.
4. Create your prezi including path steps.
5. Add the recorded audio file (7 sec.) to the desired path step.
6. As soon as your Prezi contains audio files added to a path, the play button will be displayed at the bottom left while presenting.
By hitting this button your Prezi will start to play automatically with a delay of 4 seconds
except the path steps where audio longer than 4 seconds has been added!
The only disadvantage....
The Prezi stops with reaching the last path step. No loop possible...
But you can create several loops in a Prezi by yourself. ;-)
If you think this tutorial was useful we were happy if you would like us on facebook.
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