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7.01 Evaluating a Speaker

No description

Jacob Benvenutty

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of 7.01 Evaluating a Speaker

7.01 Evaluating a Speaker
The speaker claims that texting while driving is not only dangerous, but kills. You may think that it will never happen to you, that you'll never get in an accident, but it can happen to anyone. It happens to roughly 1.6 million people every year.
At the end, the speaker says "Distracted driving kills.
Safe driving starts with you." which supports the claim.
There is an emotional effect on the audience because a young girl dies and her family is shown being affected by this.
Point of View
The point of view of this speech is first person because they each use the pronoun "I" when talking. For example, "I think everything about my life changed."
They give experiences and talk about parents children dying due to distracted driving. They also talk about how even after warning them of the dangers, the problem still persisted.
There were several ideas that related to the claim. For example, Alex's father says that he told her "You've got to stop this. You're going to have a wreck if you continue to do this."
Emphasis is placed on the claim when the mother says "...I needed to go find her. But, I knew where she was, and I knew what had happened."
The audience then realizes the dangers of texting and driving.
The tone of this speech is very emotional and very serious. It's emotional side is the families mourning. While its serious side is when the family tries to warn the children of the dangers of distracted driving. The tone of the speech is intensified by words like "lost," "dangerous," and "last time."
The serious and sad tone causes the audience to also feel emotional throughout the majority of the speech.
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