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The Furious Five

No description

Cindy Porter

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of The Furious Five

The Furious Five:
The Essay Types of the Dreaded CAHSEE 1. The Persuasive Essay 2. The Expository Essay Some students at your school expressed an interest in making the school more attractive by getting rid of the trash on the school grounds.
Write a persuasive essay for your school paper in which you convince the readers of the importance of getting rid of the trash and making the school more attractive. Convince your readers through the use of specific reasons and examples. Writing Task 4 By the time students enter high school, they have learned about many moments in history that have influenced our world today. Think about a moment in history you studied and consider its importance.
Write a composition in which you discuss a moment in history. Share its importance in today’s world. Be sure to support the moment with details and examples. Writing Task 3 3. Biographical Narrative Throughout your years in school, you have studied about many different people. Thank about one of these people you have studied during your time in school. What makes this person special enough to study?
Write an essay in which you discuss a person you have studied in school. Explain what it is about this person that is special. Use details and examples to support your ideas. Writing Task 1 4. Response to Literature In the story, “The Hiking Trip,” the reader learns about the main character, Jeff. Jeff’s personality and emotions are revealed through the actions and dialogue presented in the story.
Write an essay in which you describe the personality and emotions of Jeff, the main character. How do his personal characteristics add to the events of the story? How does the author reveal this information about Jeff in the story? Use details and examples from the story to support your ideas. Writing Task 2 5. The Business Letter Prepare to learn the mysteries of Kung-Fu from Master Shifuno, I mean, kick Panda behind on your CAHSEE writing exam. There are five different types of essay prompts that you will be asked on the CAHSEE exam. You should be ready for each type. We will practice each one together. Requires you to persuade (convince) your reader to agree with your opinion about an issue
You must explain why you are right
Focuses on the positive, not the negative
Explains why negatives are not so bad A non-fiction essay that explain real things, events, people, places or how to do something
Exposes both the positives and negatives of a topic An essay about a real person
Use facts (not broad generalizations) and SPECIFIC examples
Write with conviction You read a piece if literature (story or poem) and you write an essay that answers questions about it
You must include the TAG! An essay that is addressed to somebody in a letter format
Must have:
Address of Recipient
Dear _________
End Salutation Watch out they can be persuasive, expository or biographical!
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