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No description

Christian Calderon

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of ISLANDS

An island is a
land form that is surrounded by water
Islands are created by a process called volcanism.
It's where a volcano under water erupts and when the magma dries the volcano comes up to the surface and makes a island like Hawaii.

An island can look like anything. There's
this one that looks like Snoopy. And there
is also one that looks like a dinosaur. Look
at this photo here for example.
The climate around an island can be different.
It could be stormy where boats cant even get to the island or it could be calm where boats can get to the island intact.
By: Christian, Vincent, Jesus, and
The End
Have A Happy Halloween

By reading little bits and pieces from many sites.
We got our

We mostly went on google chrome.
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