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periodic table of elements

By Justin Pearson, Yuida Nuasnigi, Kyle Egolf

Justin Pearson

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of periodic table of elements

Periodic Table of the Elements timeline of atomic structure Carbon Atomic Mass- 12.0107 Symbol- C Atomic Number- 6 Details- Key factor in all lifeforms. It is used to find out how old something in as long as it has carbon in it. Oxygen Atomic Mass- 15.9994 Symbol- O Atomic Number- 8 Details- Oxygen is a key element in the
process of life. Every life form is comprised
of it and utilizes it. Helium Atomic Mass-4.002602


Atomic Number-2

Details- Helium is the second most common element in the universe. Boron Hydrogen Atomic Mass- 1.00974 Boron Symbol- H Atomic Mass- 10.811 Neon Atomic Mass- 20.1797

Symbol- NE

Atomic Number-10 Symbol-B Atomic Number- 1 Atomic Number- 5 Details- Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and is the source of every other element. Lithium Atomic Mass- 6.941 Atomic Number- 2 Silicon Symbol- Li Atomic Mass-28.0855 Sodium Atomic Mass-22.9898

Symbol- Na

Atomic Number- 11 Symbol- Si Atomic Number-14 Potassium Atomic Mass-39.0983

Symbol- K

Atomic Number- 19 Rubidium Atomic Mass- 85.4678

Symbol- Rb

Atomic Number- 37 Germanium Caesium Atomic Mass- 132.9054

Symbol- C

Atomic Number- 55 Atomic Mass- 72.6300 Symbol- Ge Atomic Number- 32 Arsenic Atomic Mass-74.9216 Symbol-As Francium Atomic Mass- (233)

Symbol- Fr

Atomic Number- 87 Atomic Number- 33 Antimony Atomic Mass- 121.7600 Symbol- Sb Atomic Number-51 tellurium Atomic Mass-127.6000 Symbol-Te Atomic Number-52 Krypton Atomic Mass- 83.7980

Symbol- Kr

Atomic Number- 36 Xenon Atomic Mass- 131.293

Symbol- Xe

Atomic Number- 54 Trends Mass-Increases from Left to Right
Three Exeptions
Argon and Potassium
Cobalt and Nickel
Terellium and Iodine Selenium Atomic Mass- 78.9600

Symbol- Se

Atomic Number- 34 Beryllium Atomic Mass- 9.012182 Atomic mass- 14.0067 Atomic number- 7 Nitrogen Symbol- N Polonium Atomic Mass- 209 Symbol- Po Atomic number- 84 Atomic Number- 4 Radon Atomic Mass- 222 Symbol- Be Symbol- Rn Magnesium Atomic Mass- 24.3050

Symbol- Mg

Atomic Number- 12 Atomic number- 86 Phosphorus Atomic number- 15 Symbol- P Atomic number- 15 Sulfur Atomic mass- 32.0650 Symbol- S Atomic number- 16 Fluorine Ionization Energy-Increases from Left to Right
and Bottom to Top

Atomic Radius-Decreases from Left to Right
and Bottom to Top

Electronegativity-Increases from Left to Right
and Bottom to Top Calcium Atomic Mass- 40.0780

Symbol- Ca

Atomic Number- 20 Strontium Atomic Mass- 87.6200

Symbol- Sr

Atomic Number- 38 Barium Atomic Mass- 137.3270

Symbol- Ba

Atomic Number- 56 Radium Atomic Mass- 226

Symbol- Ra

Atomic Number- 88 Scandium Atomic Mass- 44.9559

Symbol- Sc

Atomic Number- 21 Yttrium Atomic Mass- 88.9059

Symbol- Y

Atomic Number- 39 Titanium Atomic Mass- 47.8670

Symbol- Ti

Atomic Number- 22 Zirconium Atomic Mass- 91.2240

Symbol- Zr

Atomic Number- 40 Lanthanum Atomic Mass- 138.9055

Symbol- La

Atomic Number- 57 Actinium Atomic Mass- 227

Symbol- Ac

Atomic Number- 89 Hafnium Atomic Mass- 178.4900

Symbol- Hf

Atomic Number- 72 Timeline Atomic Mass- 18.9984032

Symbol- F

Atomic Number- 9 Rutherfordium Atomic Mass- 267

Symbol- Rf

Atomic Number- 104 Vanadium Atomic Mass- 50.9415

Symbol- v

Atomic Number- 23 Niobium Atomic Mass- 92.9064

Symbol- Nb

Atomic Number- 41 Tantalum Atomic Mass- 180.9479

Symbol- Ta

Atomic Number- 73 Dubnium Atomic Mass- 268

Symbol- Db

Atomic Number- 105 Cerium Atomic Mass- 140.1160

Symbol- Ce

Atomic Number- 58 Thorium Atomic Mass- 232.0381

Symbol- Th

Atomic Number- 90 Praseodymium Atomic Mass- 140.9077

Symbol- Pr

Atomic Number- 59 Protactinium Atomic Mass- 231.0359

Symbol- Pa

Atomic Number- 91 Chromium Atomic Mass- 51.9961

Symbol- Cr

Atomic Number- 24 Molybdenum Atomic Mass- 95.9600

Symbol- Mo

Atomic Number- 42 Tungsten Atomic Mass- 183.8400

Symbol- W

Atomic Number- 74 Seaborgium Atomic Mass- 271

Symbol- Sg

Atomic Number- 106 Neodymium Atomic Mass- 144.2420

Symbol- Nd

Atomic Number- 60 Uranium Atomic Mass- 238.0289

Symbol- U

Atomic Number- 92 Manganese Atomic Mass- 54.9380

Symbol- Mn

Atomic Number- 25 Technetium Atomic Mass- 98

Symbol- Tc

Atomic Number- 43 Rhenium Atomic Mass- 186.2070

Symbol- Re

Atomic Number- 75 Bohrium Atomic Mass- 272

Symbol- Bh

Atomic Number- 107 Promethium Atomic Mass- 145

Symbol- Pm

Atomic Number- 61 Neptunium Atomic Mass- 273

Symbol- Np

Atomic Number- 93 Iron Atomic Mass- 55.8450

Symbol- Fe

Atomic Number- 26 Cobalt Atomic Mass- 58.9332

Symbol- Co

Atomic Number- 27 Nickel Atomic Mass- 58.6934

Symbol- N

Atomic Number- 28 Copper Atomic Mass- 63.5460

Symbol- Cu

Atomic Number- 29 Zinc Atomic Mass- 65.3800

Symbol- Zn

Atomic Number- 30 Gallium Atomic Mass- 69.7230

Symbol- Ga

Atomic Number- 31 Aluminum Atomic Mass- 26.9815

Symbol- Al

Atomic Number- 13 Chlorine Atomic Mass- 35.4530

Symbol- Cl

Atomic Number- 17 Bromine Atomic Mass- 79.9040

Symbol- Br

Atomic Number- 35 Ruthenium Atomic Mass- 101.0700

Symbol- Ru

Atomic Number- 44 Rhodium Atomic Mass- 102.9055

Symbol- Rh

Atomic Number- 45 Palladium Atomic Mass- 106.4200

Symbol- Pd

Atomic Number- 46 Silver Atomic Mass- 107.8682

Symbol- Ag

Atomic Number- 47 Cadmium Atomic Mass- 112.4110

Symbol- Cd

Atomic Number- 48 Indium Atomic Mass- 114.8180

Symbol- In

Atomic Number- 49 Tin Atomic Mass- 118.7100

Symbol- Sn

Atomic Number- 50 Iodine Atomic Mass- 126.9045

Symbol- I

Atomic Number- 53 Osmium Atomic Mass- 190.2300

Symbol- Os

Atomic Number- 76 Iridium Atomic Mass- 192.2170

Symbol- Ir

Atomic Number- 77 Platinum Atomic Mass- 195.0840

Symbol- Pt

Atomic Number- 78 Gold Atomic Mass- 196.9666

Symbol- Au

Atomic Number- 79 Mercury Atomic Mass- 200.5900

Symbol- Hg

Atomic Number- 80 Thallium Atomic Mass- 204.3833

Symbol- Ti

Atomic Number- 81 Lead Atomic Mass- 207.2

Symbol- Pb

Atomic Number- 82 Bismuth Atomic Mass- 208.9804

Symbol- Bi

Atomic Number- 83 Astatine Atomic Mass- 210

Symbol- At

Atomic Number- 85 Hassium Atomic Mass- 270

Symbol- Hs

Atomic Number- 108 Meitnerium Atomic Mass- 276

Symbol- Mt

Atomic Number- 109 Darmstadtium Atomic Mass- 281

Symbol- Ds

Atomic Number- 110 Roentgenium Atomic Mass- 280

Symbol- Rg

Atomic Number- 111 Ununtrium Atomic Mass- 284

Symbol- Uut

Atomic Number- 113 Ununpentium Atomic Mass- 288

Symbol- Uup

Atomic Number- 115 Ununseptium Atomic Mass- 297

Symbol- Uus

Atomic Number- 117 Ununoctium Atomic Mass- 294

Symbol- Uuo

Atomic Number- 118 Samarium Atomic Mass- 150.3600

Symbol- Sm

Atomic Number- 62 Plutonium Atomic Mass- 244

Symbol- Pu

Atomic Number- 94 Americium Atomic Mass- 243

Symbol- Am

Atomic Number- 95 Europium Atomic Mass- 151.9640

Symbol- Eu

Atomic Number- 63 Gadolinium Atomic Mass- 157.2500

Symbol- Gd

Atomic Number- 64 Curium Atomic Mass- 247

Symbol- Cm

Atomic Number- 96 Berkelium Atomic Mass- 247

Symbol- Bk

Atomic Number- 97 Terbium Atomic Mass- 158.9254

Symbol- Tb

Atomic Number- 65 Dysprosium Atomic Mass- 162.5000

Symbol- Dy

Atomic Number- 66 Californium Atomic Mass- 251

Symbol- Cf

Atomic Number- 98 Einsteinium Atomic Mass- 252

Symbol- Es

Atomic Number- 99 Holmium Atomic Mass- 164.9303

Symbol- Ho

Atomic Number- 67 Erbium Atomic Mass- 167.259

Symbol- Er

Atomic Number- 68 Fermium Atomic Mass- 257

Symbol- Fm

Atomic Number- 100 Mendelevium Atomic Mass- 258

Symbol- Md

Atomic Number- 101 Thulium Atomic Mass- 168.9342

Symbol- Tm

Atomic Number- 69 Ytterbium Atomic Mass- 173.0540

Symbol- Yb

Atomic Number- 70 Nobelium Atomic Mass- 259

Symbol- No

Atomic Number- 102 Lawrencium Atomic Mass- 262

Symbol- Lr

Atomic Number- 103 Lutetium Atomic Mass- 174.9668

Symbol- Lu

Atomic Number- 71 Analogy of
The Periodic Table The periodic table of elements is like a series of filing cabinets. nonmetals, alkali earth metals, transition metals are grouped together due to the properties they share, much like a cabinets contents. Even then they are in order of atomic mass and number, like a cabinet may be in order alphabetically or numerically. details- the third most abundant element in the universe and our atmosphere is roughly 80% nitrogen. Atoms Protons- Positive Charge
Determine which element an atom is
Add to the mass of the atom
Found in the nucleus of the atom
The atomic number is the number of protons in that element

Neutrons- Neutral
Makes atoms unstable if there is too many
Found in the nucleus of the atom

Electrons- Negative Charge
Do No add to the mass of the atom
determine how elements act and react chemically Argon Atomic mass- 39.9480 Symbol- Ar Atomic number- 18 By: Yuida Nuasnigi
Justin Pearson
Kyle Egolf
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