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Natural Disasters In North America

No description

Ashlee Lumley

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Natural Disasters In North America

By Jennifer Phillips-Hughes and Mackenzie Petie Natural Disasters in North America -North America has a vast range Natural disasters per year with hurricanes being the most common

-North America is prone to many different natural disasters which include hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic events and fires

- All 52 states in North America are host to one or more natural disasters

- From 1980 – 2011 there was a total of 640 natural disasters in North America and 12 366 people were killed. What is the issue? - All 52 states in North America are exposed to one or more natural disasters

- These hazards are geographical and occur frequently in particular regions due to the climatic and geologic differences of places

- Earthquake and volcanic events occur along plate boundaries in the west coast

- Volcanic eruptions are also active in the hot spot zone of Hawaii. Where is this issue occuring? - Natural disasters occur in America because most of the cities sit on fault lines

- Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes are all caused by movements of the tectonic plates under the earth

- Hurricanes, tornados, extreme heat waves and extreme cold weather are all weather related disasters. How and why has this issue occurred? - Natural disasters in North America can do devastating damage and leave a trail of destruction

- They can have impact on things such as the economy, the environment, the livelihood of humans, Houses and buildings can be damaged and the destruction of crops which can lead to a short supply of food

- Hurricane Katrina in 2005 caused a death toll of 1826 and caused $81 billion in property damage alone

-The total financial cost of the hurricane was $156 billion. It also disrupted oil production and refinement causing gas prices all across the world to increase
- Over 18 000 businesses were closed down because of the hurricane and an estimated 70 000 jobs were lost. What has been the impact of this issue? - There are many strategies in place to try and prevent natural disasters and many are ineffective

- In the preparedness process there is a continuous cycle of planning, managing, organizing, training and equipping to ensure effective coordination to protect against natural disasters

- A well-rehearsed emergency plan developed as part of the preparedness phase enables efficient coordination of rescue

- Recovery efforts are primarily concerned with actions that involve rebuilding destroyed property, re-employment, and the repair of other essential infrastructure What strategies are being used to manage
the issue?
How else could the issue be managed? Recommendations for the future - The concept of disaster reduction consists of focusing on the five following objectives: Increasing public awareness, obtaining commitment from public authorities, expanding risk reduction networking at all levels, further improving scientific knowledge of the causes of disasters and the effects of natural hazards and related technological and environmental disasters on societies and strengthen disaster reduction capacities through early warning Video footage of Hurricane Sandy Natural Disasters THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! :) Question 1 What is the most common natural disaster in North America? Question 2 How many states in North America are prone to natural disasters? Question 3 In which year did hurrican Katrina hit North America? Question 4 How many people did storm Sandy kill? Question 5 Can anyone name 3 things natural disasters can affect? Question 6 From 1980 - 2011 there were how many natural disasters?
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