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2012 Boeing Intern Report Out

End of Summer Internship

Deandra-Brittany Garza

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of 2012 Boeing Intern Report Out

Writing Projects
BNN - CAS Service Excellence Award Stories
Blog Post - CAS Family Picnic
Frontiers Article - Environmental Story ALVA Thank You! About Me From Pasco, WA
Incoming Senior at University of Washington
Major: Communications
Minor: Diversity
Activities: Started taking kickboxing classes this summer Future Plans and Goals How I got to where I am today... 2012 Intern Report Out Questions? Deandra-Brittany
Garza Agenda: 1. About me
2. How I got to where I am today
3. My 2012 Boeing Internship
4. Future Goals Summer 2009 - Training & Flight Services:
BCA Program Management Summer 2010 - BCA Sales Accounting Summer 2011 - BCA Sales & Marketing:
Employee Development & Training Present Internship Experience Summer 2012
CAS Communications Intern
Manager: Shannon Myers
Mentors: Nancy Standifer & Jill Langer Summer Projects Boeing Edge Internal Awareness Campaign
Help with messaging
Support where needed
Volunteered at picnic
Boeing Edge Contest #2 Create Communication Plan for Field Service
Help create new effective forms of messaging
Discussion Board idea for website
Designed a new banner Summarize results
Purpose: Utilize feedback to enhance and expand the Boeing Edge Communications/Marketing activities to further the education and awareness on the Boeing Edge initiative Internship as a whole Explored opportunities in Communications
Gained a better understanding of the environment and the value of effective communication in such a large company
Inspired by the people I work with
Overall excited to move forward and utilize all that I've learned this summer! Summer Activites
Joined the Boeing Volleyball League
Attended the CAS Family Picnic 1 more year of school
Study abroad
Obtain a full-time job after school
MBA; Marketing
Manager position Flyers Volunteer Messaging Plasma Screens Organize 2012 Boeing Edge Survey Results
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