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No description

Talitha Greaver

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Church

Alliyah Greaver walks around the church looking for litter before church starts. The action is walking and the picture follows the rule of thirds because the church is along the right line and Greaver is along the left. Congregants gather in the church's entryway before church. Congregants gather in the church's entryway before church starts. This picture has leading lines in the form of light from the doorways. The action is socializing. The church service has started and Pastor Ninke begins the announcements. The picture shows a difference between background and foreground; the man's head in the foreground and Pastor Ninke in the background. The action is Ninke speaking and the reaction is the people listening. The cross on the front of the building stands proud and tall, still lit in the early morning light. The emotion in the picture is the majesty of the building. It follows the rule of thirds because the cross is along the right line. There's a color difference as well. People talk at fellowship. The picture has leading lines in the form of the edges of the table and the people form a pattern. The action is people speaking. Brady Muller, age three, learns about Moses in his Sunday School class between services. The picture follows the rule of thirds because Muller is along the left line and looking to the right. The picture forms a leaning line between Muller and the book. Luke Skrenes is babysat during the second service. The above picture shows him toddling down a hall in the church. Where the wall meets the floor forms a leading line pointing to Skrenes, as does the doorway. The action is Skrenes' walking. Skrenes is along the right line in the rule of thirds. Luke Skrenes plays as his younger brother, Paul, watches on. The image fills the frame. P. Skrenes is along the top line looking at L. Skrenes, who is along the bottom, following the rule of thirds. The action is L. Skrenes playing and the reaction is his brother watching him. The emotion is P. Skrenes' interest in what his brother is doing. Brady Muller and Natalie Ferris play basketball before church starts, using Ferris' arms as the basket. This is a picture of reaction, such as Ferris kicking the ball after Muller makes a basket and Muller beginning to jump up and down in excitement, making it also an emotion shot. Ferris is along the right line in the rule of thirds. The empty church, awaiting its members. An interesting fact is that the church's pews were actually made by inmates. This picture fills the frame quite well and the benches form a pattern. The altar, baptismal font, and podium are on the top line of the rule of third. This picture is a reaction to the congregants' dutiful upkeep of the church. Luke Skrenes practices the art of opening doors. There are many leading lines in this picture leading to Skrenes. The action is him opening the door. Pastor Ninke reads the lessons at the second service. Prezi and pictures by
Talitha Greaver. Pastor Ninke washes the communion cups after the second service. The cups form a pattern and Pasor Ninke's hand is in the upper-left hand corner of the rule of thirds and also forms a leading line into the picture. The chalice is in the bottom-right corner. Thanks for watching my prezi!
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