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Summer Internship 2013

Presentation regarding my internship at AsahiKASEI Plastics this year, 2013.

Ande-Melane Hodges

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Summer Internship 2013

Commercial Team Intern 2013
Functions and roles I had this summer when working with specific member's on the Commercial Team
What is the BOCS??
Form used to maintain customer information in the SAP Customer Master database
BOCS: New Business, New Opportunity, Customer Change and Sample
Upon completion of BOCS submission into SP, as my knowledge grew I was able to be trained in the BOCS process
My Involvement:
Began by logging BOCS forms & updating with new information
Progressed after training from Colleen, to the passing over of the BOCS crown to me
I now fulfill the process from start to finish, from logging to setting up in SAP to allow for form distribution to the appropriate departments
Attendance to the Line 7 meetings to communicate departmental needs

What I learned this summer...?
This summer was filled with a wealth of knowledge that I will be able to carry with me throughout my business life
From SAP experience to attending real business meeting's were my input has mattered
What it's like to work in a corporate environment on a normal day-to-day basis
I feel as if my knowledge of this company has grown so much this summer
As the receptionist last year I was able to learn the organizational layout of employees
This summer, I learned how,what and why we produce what we produce and even more importantly, who we produce it for and the process that goes along with it for proper distribution
Example: Ronnie's Uncle

What I've Gained...
Connections for networking into the world of Business
Priceless knowledge of the inner workings of a strong and developed company
The familiarity of working in a diverse and cultural environment
Advice from experienced individuals that have helped to point me in the right direction
a little bit about me...
Milford, MI
One Brother & Two Sister's
Sophomore at MSU
Major: Undecided
Enrolled in the classes to enable me to apply to the Eli Broad College of Business in Spring '14
Minor: Spanish Language w/ Teaching Certificate
Attend a Study Abroad in the Summer of '14 or '15
Develop an interest in a specific area of study
Scott Kushion
Completed document migration into Share Point
Took minutes and completed action items from the Commercial Team Meetings
Generated Excel spreadsheets for Sales Overview
Correlated sales volume reports for specific customers
Created graphs and charts to display data for the Sales Team
Colleen Bissell
Completed document migration into Share Point
Took minutes and completed action items from the BLT meetings
Assisted in developing training documents for future BOCS processor
MISC. admin help for the Commercial Team
Helped out with the BOCS process
Randy Nakon
Collected data and compiled for International Application Specific Presentations
Produced PowerPoint Presentation's for meetings
Gave input and took notes throughout various sales meetings
Upcoming Plans 2013-2014
Part-time APNA employee
Plans on continuing to work with the Commercial Team
Role: Undetermined, Admin. support
Time frame: Fall 2013-Undetermined
Eagerness to grow my knowledge in communication, marketing, sales & budgeting this fall
Maintain my position at APNA throughout college to provide me with business experience while acquiring a good education
Keep perspective and connections in the workforce
Earn the opportunity to continue my position into the spring in hopes to uphold my position on the commercial team next summer
Summer Internship 2013
Ande-Melane E. Hodges

How I ended up at AsahiKASEI...
Relation to the company
Brother-in-law is an APNA employee in the plant
Anthony (Tony) Long
Summer of 2012
Began my internship as the Receptionist
Winter of 2012
Returned over MSU Christmas break to begin the Share Point uploading process for the Human Resources Department
Reasons I was able to come back
Maintained healthy relationships with APNA employees
Eagerness and determination to obtain a position at APNA
Used my knowledge in SP to obtain this Image!
Used my knowledge in SP to obtain this Image!
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