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The Fab Four

A brief biography presentation of one of the most iconic musical groups in the 20th century; The Beatles.

spirit miska

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The Fab Four

Spirit Miska PLP By: Spirit Miska The Fab Four While listening to this song, write down your thoughts on it. Do you find anything interesting or appealing in it towards you? Do you like it, or is it something you wouldn't listen to? Why or why not? It all began with the Quarry Men. Formed by John Lennon and a few other friends. Paul McCartney then auditioned and was accepted. Shortly after, McCartney and Lennon took charge and discovered George Harrison and Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr).
This was the beginning of the Beatles. ~ Did You Know... ~ The Beatles' band name was made legitimate after 5 different names! Starting off with The Quarrymen, Johnny and the Moondogs, The Silver Beatles, and then Long John and the Beatles. Until finally, their then bass player, Stuart Sutcliffe, suggested to call themselves "The Beatles". ...over 10 of many of their singles reached many British Charts. Many of their songs switching the #1 spot. From 1962 to 1963 ... November 1963~ Their Album "With The Beatles" became the first album in Britain to sell one million copies! February 7, 1964. The Beatles make it to America! The Beatles arrive in America for the first time. They perform on the "Ed Sullivan Show" breaking t.v. viewing records! They reached the #1 spot with their many single in the U.S. before ever arriving. Your thoughts...? There were about 4 thousand Beatles fans awaiting the arrival of their favourite band.
Many of their fans slept in the airport or arrived at dawn to see them. Many of the fans fainted from all of the excitement and had to be taken away on stretchers. Q: Why Were The Beatles so Popular? The Beatles gained attention like any other popular boy band has. Such as One Direction to teenagers now, or NSYNC to teens in the late 90's and early 2000's. What made them popular...? The Beatles' looks were a big attribute to their popularity. The Beatles' long locks and suits were very different compared to the 60's slicked back crew cuts and leather jackets.
Their music also revived the rock and roll, which was a bit drab before. They added in their own twist into their music, also. The group's willingness to experiment and change up their style is also what attracted many fans. Thus, Beatlemania begun. How were they unique...? The Beatles were really one of the first bands to start writing their own music.
They were the first to make it big in Britain
Their music was the first to top American charts, while in Britain.
Their appearance was entirely different to what was "normal". A: The Beatles were so popular because they added variety to rock and roll. Their music was good, new, and had meaning. They changed and influenced a lot of the pop culture then and now. For example, they were the first band to begin creating music videos, use backstage passes, and put the lyrics to songs on the album cover. They also brought blue jeans back into style and wrote and recorded their own music. Basically, they've had a massive influence on almost everything in the 60's. They made the transition from the 50's to the 60's. Nothing seemed to be untouched by the Beatlemania at the time. Beatlemania is a term that originated during the 1960s to describe the intense fan frenzy directed toward The Beatles during the early years of their success. Characterized by intense levels of hysteria and high-pitched screaming, demonstrated by female fans both at concerts and during the band's travels. The term is said to have begun on October 7th, 1963, by a former Scottish music producer who was talking with a reporter. What is Beatlemania? Beatlemania The first term recorded to be similar to this would be "Lisztomania". It was used to describe fans reactions towards the concerts of pianist, Franz Liszt.
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