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Anne Frank: A True Leader

No description

Mallory Maver

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Anne Frank: A True Leader

Anne Frank: A True Leader
By: Mallory Maver
Who Was Anne Frank?
Born June 12, 1929
German-Jewish teenager (fifteen years old)
Forced to go into Hiding during the Holocaust in Amsterdam
Spent two years in hiding with her family (mother, father and sister) along with four others
Was limited to an annex of rooms located above her fathers office
Most known for her in-depth diary she kept throughout her years in hiding
Was betrayed to the Nazi's, arrested and deported to Concentration camps
Seven months after being arrested, Anne died March 1945 of typhus at Bergen-Belsen
Anne's father, who was the only survivor or Anne's family, ensured Anne's dreams of becoming a writer and got her diary published in 1947

Otto Frank
(Anne's Father)
Margot Frank
(Anne's Sister)
Edith Frank
(Anne's Mother)
What Were Anne's Accomplishments?
Anne Created an In-depth diary representing all aspects of Anne's life while in hiding
Her Diary was Published after her death in 1947
The diary was filled with messages of hope and courage that has been shared by millions world wide
Published in 67 languages with over 30 million copies sold
Fulfilled her Life long dream of becoming a published writer
Become a hero for many young people who are victims and can do little to help themselves
The diary gave us a small glimpse of the history behind the Holocaust
Why Is Anne Frank Considered a Leader?
leader for people all over the world, in all circumstances, all facets of life.
represents the victims who could do little to help themselves
She reminds us of what occurred through the eyes of a young girl who did no wrong and who could not have a normal existence
She reminds us that the world is not perfect and humanity is still broken.
reminds of us of who we are and what the world should strive to avoid
She personalized the Holocaust and made people
good morals
, she was honest in what she said and continued to to show integrity by being open.
driven and dedicated
to her writing journey.
worked as a member of a team

and remained
throughout her hiding.
, which allowed all members hiding live a little more comfortably.
. She made sure to write her experiences, didn't miss a beat of detail in her story.
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