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My Senior Project

No description

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of My Senior Project

My Senior Project
Law Enforcement

* Why did I choose this topic?

* What did I hope to get out of it?

Is this a familiar sight?
My project mentor

Curt Olson
* Why did I choose Curt?
* Time spent
* What did I do with the time spent?

What have I learned?
* There is more to law enforcement that I thought.
* They don't just drive around looking for people to pull over.
* Filling out paperwork is a big part of the job.
Court House
Success and failure
Successes: I have learned a lot about Law Enforcement and realized that it would be a job I would enjoy having.
Failure: I dont believe I had any failures with this project.
Do things differently?
Even though I have heard this from the seniors before me, I wish I would have worked harder and not procrastinated!
Topic for paper
I chose two topics for my paper Law Enforcement and Athletic Training. I learned about the history of each of these topics and realized how far each career has imporoved over time.
Product connection
For my Product I chose to connect it with the Law Enforcement part of my paper.
I realized that creating a product for Law Enforcement was difficult. Success was that With help I decided on my product.

High School Years
What would I do differently in high school?
What did I manage to overcome?
My goals
In 5 years......
In 10 years.......
What could get in the way about my vision?
Who will help me get there?
This project helped me get another idea for what I want to do in my future.
Thank you
I would like to thank my Staff Mentor Erica Guthmiller and my Product Mentor Curt Olson for all of their help. Also thank you all for coming to my presentation.
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