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Integrated Reading and Writing

No description

Caroline Kuyumcuoglu

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Integrated Reading and Writing

Connecting the Dots:
Benefits of INRW
Questions, Comments, Suggestions

Caroline Kuyumcuoglu

Coordinator of Developmental Learning Labs
Visit our website at
Designing and Developing an Integrated Reading & Writing Course
Purpose and Goal
ACGM Learning Outcomes
Goal: Graduation
So how do we meet these outcomes?
Accelerate students through developmental education coursework leading to increased student persistence and success in
1st college credit bearing reading or writing course
subsequent college credit-bearing coursework
successful completion of certificate, transfer, or degree
•Locate explicit textual information, draw complex inferences, and describe, analyze, and evaluate the information within and across multiple texts of varying lengths.
•Comprehend and use vocabulary effectively in oral communication, reading, and writing.
•Identify and analyze the audience, purpose, and message across a variety of texts.
•Describe and apply insights gained from reading and writing a variety of texts.
•Compose a variety of texts that demonstrate reading comprehension, clear focus, logical development of ideas, and use of appropriate language that advance the writer’s purpose.
•Determine and use effective approaches and rhetorical strategies for given reading and writing situations.
•Generate ideas and gather information relevant to the topic and purpose, incorporating the ideas and words of other writers in student writing using established strategies.
•Evaluate relevance and quality of ideas and information in recognizing, formulating, and developing a claim.
•Develop and use effective reading and revision strategies to strengthen the writer’s ability to compose college-level writing assignments.
Ensure that every act of reading involves writing, and every act of writing involves reading.
Defining Integrated Reading and Writing
Highest Level of Reading (READ 0303) Combined with Highest level of English (ENGL 0301)
Offered in Fall 2010 as a 3+3+2
Offered in Spring 2012 and 2013 as 3 + 1
Reading and Writing should be linked thematically.
Every act of writing should involve reading, and every act of reading should involve writing.
What should an INRW class look like?
Diverse readings should be included.
Every assignment should fold back on each other.
Reading and Writing should be taught in a step-by-step manner with instant feedback.
Self-reflection and metacognitive awareness should be encouraged.
Step-by-Step Process
Instant feedback
Reading and Writing Logs
Each Log includes:
Pre-reading activity
Comprehension questions
Post-reading activity
Writing Component
Grammar/Vocabulary Check
Saves students time and money
Students become aware of the connections between reading and writing.
Students become aware of how reading and writing strategies transfer to other course contexts.
Questions to Consider
What theme(s) do I want to use?
Can I find texts that relate to the theme?
Is the theme general enough that I can find cross curricular texts?
How many major writing assignments can be used?
How can I teach students that reading and writing is a step-by-step process?
How can I teach reading strategies from a writing perspective and writing strategies from a reading perspective?
Limited time - Consider the strategies your students already use well, make efficient use of lab time.
Recruiting students - Visiting lower level classes, working with student success, advertising.
Choosing texts- Finding diverse texts, using excerpts from text books, utilizing library database
State Mandate
Spring 2012

100% Success and 100% Retention
9 out of 12 students enrolled and passed the following Fall semester in either ENGL 1301 or Hist 1301
3 out of 12 students did not enroll in a credit-bearing class the following Fall semester.
Accuplacer Score Reading:62-70, Sentence Structure: 50-79, Essay: 4
A Combination of our best practices in English and Reading
Spring 2013

15 students enrolled at census
93% Success and 93% Retention
12 students enrolled at census.
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