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Level 4.4 - The Challenge: Play Plan

No description

Maury FSU

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Level 4.4 - The Challenge: Play Plan


Student Name: AMAURY ROSA
student id: 0004192635

the takeaway

In regards to play
During Week One I learned that
my Play Personalities are Explorer and
Artist /Creator. I also learned the Patterns
of Play I like are Object Play
and Imaginative & Pretend Play.

This information will aid me tremendously as to pursuing future projects or goals that can incorporate these patterns of play and play personalities in order to feel fully engaged at work and enjoy my future career choices. Also, it will undoubtedly help me explorer new possibilities about being more creative.
During week 2 I learned about Flow and how to achieve it. I learned about my Character strengths and how it connects to my play history.

The big takeaway from this week would be the aspect of finding flow since it plays an important part of channeling my focus, energy into having a more productive and fulfilling creative life. Also, being aware of my character strengths has helped me become conscious about how to better interact and communicate with others.

During week three, I learned about Gamification and the elements used to turn a non-game related task into having game like features in order to make it more fun.

Gamification has now empowered my creative thinking. I no longer see any task as being ordinary and mundane but I explore any new possibilities of making things fun and engaging.
Patterns of Play
Play Personalities
During week four, I learned about establishing a plan for incorporating more play into my adult life. Also, about game addiction and finding a balance to work and play and the effects of violent games in young children.
The information I learned in week four is very important for me since I recently became a father and I now know about the negative effects violent games have on young children such as desensitize them from the pain and suffering of others and or behaving in aggressive or harmful ways toward others.
Character Strengths
Incorporating Play
Finding Balance

My Play Plan Schedule
How does this relate to finding a healthy balance of work and play?
I spend most of my time at work sitting in front of a computer everyday and hardly get any chance to move at all. I can certainly benefit from some form of body and movement play type since it will help me release the stress caused by the daily job routines and affairs.
what is one part of your adult life you would like to change?
In regards to play in my adult life, I wish I had more time to engage in other forms of play such as
of body play and movement thus I would become involved physical activities such as running or jogging.
Include 3 goals that will help you make these positive changes.
I will try to incorporate body and movement play type in my job schedule by taking daily walks around lake nearby my work place. I will try to engage more in attunement play pattern with my son and object play with the family activities by playing cards in order to make them more engaging and fun. Also, I will try to use techniques on how achieve flow on my daily school work assignments.
What obstacles will prevent you from achieving this balance?
My biggest obstacles of achieving this balance would be having a full time job, family responsibilities such as a wife and a newborn to take care of and the vast amount of school work to complete each week for the next 2 years.
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