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Graphical Styles & Themes Used in Computer Games

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Grace Laybourne

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Graphical Styles & Themes Used in Computer Games

Grace Laybourne Graphical Styles & Themes used in
Computer games Sleeping Dogs Action Fight Night: Sports Fantasy Simulation The Sims 3 Skyrim When it comes to action games such as Sleeping Dogs which is set in Hong Kong, you find that they are all pretty similar when it comes to colours that are used. If they are set in the daytime then they typically use bright, bold colours to portray how it would look in the city that it is set in. If it is night time then they would include darker colours, whilst still being bright and bold so that you can get an idea of what it would be like. Action games are more likely to capture the eye of their audience due to how realistic they look and seem while you're playing them as they stand out more than most other typical games. These help the person playing feel more involved with the game whilst playing. The graphics used on action games also seems to be a lot sharper as games and consoles have developed over the years. Sleeping Dogs is a good example of this as the graphics use a lot of bright colours that you would typically see in Hong Kong. They also make the game seem realistic to the point you can get so engrossed playing it that you may actually feel as if you're there. A lot of sports games, such as Fright Night use a wide variety of sounds, imagery, colours and sensors to give whoever is playing an experience similar to one that they would get from going to events such as football or boxing matches. They focus on certain points of what it would be like at the real experience and focus on including them in the game so that they will seem more appealing to the player as well as potentially a wider audience. Fantasy games such as Skyrim give you a completely different gaming experience. With the images being a lot sharper, creative and artsy they also give a new feel to the game that you're playing. Whilst being completely abnormal in some cases when it comes to characters and game play, they tend to be in a completely different planet rather than earth, as if you're playing in a completely different world. Games such as The Sims 3 are some of the best games around when it comes to simulation games. This is mostly down to how realistic the imagery and feel of the games are for those that are playing. The Sims 3 manages to combine realistic imagery with your average day-to-day life that anyone could possibly live, helping them to feel more immersed in the game and, in some cases, like they are part of it. Like action games, they also use a broad variety of colours to help emphise the realism of the game.
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