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I-Investigate "No Child Left Behind"

NCLB? What's it got to do with me?

Dana Kemp

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of I-Investigate "No Child Left Behind"

No Child Left Behind Thesis: No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is an educational initative that has lowered student accountability, student achievement, and inherently supports classist segregation and should be abolished. NCLB was put in place by the George W. Bush admisistration and is founded on the following premises: that students should be able to choose where they go to school that poorly performing schools be subject to annual reviews in order to meet state and national standards that vouchers be made available to help pay for private schooling for students if their parents so desire NCLB is the cause of low student performance. It has reduced the importance of Art and Music, and makes little allowance for varied learning styles and "well-rounded" education. Students are getting "readin, 'ritin and 'rithmetic" overload. The other stuff went out the window. Many students don't like school anymore. Students who don't get their "choice" school may, once lotteries have occured, opt out of the public system...if they have enough money. This is the "Voucher" program. People who support NCLB argue that urban schools have been poor performers. However, the current lack of interest in school is unprecendented. All NCLB has done is instill fear in the hearts and minds of society. The solution to educational reform is to avoid radical change. Since when is it acceptable to toss an entire tray of food out, simply because you dislike the peas on the plate. "All or Nothing" approaches only drain the life from those of us who truly care about education. We need to stop "data-driven" education, and allow students and teachers to steer the learning process. CHECK THIS OUT! NOW CHECK THIS OUT
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