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Kelso's Choices BIG and small Problems

No description

Tracy Morris

on 4 October 2018

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Transcript of Kelso's Choices BIG and small Problems

Kelso's Choices BIG and small Problems
BIG Problems need a BIG Person!
What are
small problems?
If it is not scary or dangerous then it's a small problem and we can solve it using Kelso's Choices!

If it's a small problem, we might feel...
What is Conflict?
A conflict is a problem, argument or when two or more people cannot agree. Kelso the frog helps us learn choices to solve problems.

It's a BIG problem if someone could get hurt, it's dangerous or breaks the law.

Big problems make us feel...
What are
BIG Problems?
If it is scary or dangerous then it is a BIG problem!
Get a BIG person (trusted adult) to help solve the problem.
BIG and small Problems
It's Your Choice!
Wait & Cool Off
Go to Another Game
Talk it Out
Share & Take Turns
Ignore it
Walk Away
Tell Them To Stop
Make A Deal

Let's use
Kelso's Choices!
You are SMART enough and STRONG enough to solve small problems!

There are two kinds of problems.

BIG problems need a BIG person to help.

With small problems, we can try TWO of Kelso's Choices to solve it!
Try TWO of Kelso's Choices to solve small problems before you ask an adult.
TRY 2!
BIG problems, TELL an adult you trust!
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