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Annual Giving Around the World

What's happening with university fundraising around the world? Find out in this presentation for the CASE Europe Annual Conference 2010 in Glasgow (With thanks to Prometis Design for their fabulous maps!)

Adrian Salmon

on 11 November 2011

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Transcript of Annual Giving Around the World

You could even add a caption or narrative to tell the story behind the pictures
Going Native: Annual Giving Around The World
Heather Campbell & Adrian Salmon
What we'll talk about
Annual giving is developing across the world!
Encouraging to see that others around the world are joining our profession!
We can learn from what we're all doing.
Looking outside of the US and North America for new ideas and new ways of doing things.
Start benchmarking ourselves against other parts of the world and can demonstrate that we are moving forward.
Different parts of the world have different levels of comfort with the key elements of Annual Giving!
What We'll Show You:

We're going to focus on presenting:
Examples of good websites
Examples of good student giving programmes
Examples of good young alumni giving programmes
Examples of good staff giving programmes
Examples of good Annual Fund publications
So, let's get going!
Let's see some great websites first.
Sabanci University, Istanbul
Very clear messaging, simple but effective
Emphasis on small gift = big difference
Good cases for support
National University of Singapore http://giving.nus.edu.sg
Nice drop down menus at the side show you what you can give to
Good call to action buttons
University of New South Wales
Bond University, Queensland
University of Michigan
Oxford University
Student Giving & Young Alumni
Websites & publications
Staff Giving
Hong Kong Graduating Pledge
$500 HKD = 50 Euros = £40
£800 HKD = 80 Euros = £66
Welcome to Glasgow!
National University of Singapore
University of Melbourne
Is your page clean, with enagaging images and video, and not text heavy?
Is your most important content - and call to action - 'above the fold'?
How optimised is your online donation form?
Do you know your 'conversion rate' from visits to your donation form to actual gifts?
Scholarship recipients blog!
Donors can share their own stories about why they give!
Clean and clear
Good use of pictures here to make it all seem simpler
It's all about putting your hand up!
Hearts and hands carry through nicely!
Some great taglines on this page -

'Give from where you live'

'Give a little, often'
Web Checklist
They've given 4.8million Hong Kong dollars.

That's nearly 490,000 Euros (£400,000) from graduating students

Average gift of 61 Euros (£50)!

How do they do it?
Email from College Heads a week before campaign begins

Then face to face over a 9 month period:

At College Photo Days in March & April of the year to get pledges

During gown taking period (mid-Nov of the year)
to get instant donation. Incentives are also given to participants who pledged at Photo Days to turn their previous pledges into instant donation.

During graduation ceremony (early Dec of the year) to acquire instant donation

Beautifully thought-out and structured.
University of Melbourne - Rent Assistance!
Rent assistance is a cause in which students can definitely identity with!
Support and commitment from the institution
Student volunteers to help promote the appeal
University of Memphis 'Common Cents'
Monthly giving is a vehicle for retention!
The UK’s biggest contribution to annual giving? And it challenges the annual giving model!
So, why does monthly giving challenge the concept of 'annual giving'?

Because to successfully move people from giving cash to giving regularly, you need to contact them more than once a year
Cats Protection Findings
New research by Cats Protection and direct marketing agency DMS shows that one-off charity donors become much less likely to sign up to become regular givers after 60 days have passed since they made their initial donation
Monthly Giving
Steven Dodds, head of planning at DMS: "Some charities are concerned about asking people for money too often, but this analysis shows there is no such thing. Charities need to ask for a regular gift soon after a cash gift is given."

These findings are also backed up by Pareto Fundraising in Canada. They found 3 - 6 weeks was the optimum period to move people over from cash to regular giving
Take an institution with mostly cash donors
The high retention rate of monthly donors means that overall donor retention is actually boosted by 28%

That 14% uplift/50% original retention = 28% uplift on original retention

Not only that, but upgrade rates among monthly givers are much higher, once they are used to a ‘manageable’ regular contribution

In 2 years time, anywhere from a third to half of these donors will increase their gifts
Then imagine that institution could convert one third of its donors to regular/monthly givers:
So how about the main trends in the UK?
What’s happening in the UK?

Telephone fundraising! The UK is the largest place for ‘telethons’ to take root outside of the US.

Some institutions (Durham, Oxbridge, Edinburgh etc.) doing telephone for 20 years+ now & many more starting campaigns in last 5 years

UK institutions more and more investing in ‘automated’ call rooms

Market for call centre software in UK HE sector has grown from 2 suppliers to more than 6 in last 3 years

Very different take on telephone fundraising to US!

Focus on the monthly gift!
So. What do we learn out of all this?
There's such a lot going on!

Heather and I were so impressed in particular with what's happening in Asia and Australia. They're just picking up stuff and running with it!

As European practitioners, we can learn a lot from their approaches, particularly their web work and their willingness to jump straight in with student and staff giving!

But what we in Europe have to offer is the continuous gift model - with truly transformative potential for any programme!

So our question to you - why stick with the name of ‘annual’ giving? Let’s go for REGULAR giving!
Thank You!
Good use of branding and logo
Branding looks and feels like charity branding
Involves scholarships for incoming first year students, so incoming students immediately know about the benefits of donations.
Auburn University
Good case study for a current student donor
Facts and figures!
NUS have used a lab tech as their champion for staff - not a member of senior management.
Very powerful!
Great use of facts and figures
great growth in donor numbers!
- giving 550,000 Euros (£450,000)!
Average gift of 150 Euros...
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