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A japanese shonen manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Both manga and the anime is still ongoing.

Pimvipa Hanharutaivan

on 30 May 2012

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Transcript of ONE PIECE

By Eiichiro Oda ONE PIECE! History of One Piece! First introduced in the weekly Shonen Jump on August 4, 1997.
First published individual volume in December 24, 1997.
Adapted into OVA (original video animation) in 1998.
Anime series was produced by the Toei Animation, first broadcasted in 1999. One Piece Volume 1: ROMANCE DAWN Anime Adaptation Manga and Anime Adaptation License Manga
Licensed for English translation releases in North America by Viz Media
Licensed for English translation releases in United Kingdom by Gollancz Manga
Licensed for English translation releases in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment. Anime
The Anime series had been licensed by Funimation Entertainment for and English translation to be release in North America.
Originally licensed and distributed by 4Kids Entertainment. Others Shueisha announced that ONE PIECE was sold over 260 million volumes by 2010.
Volume 61 is a new record for the highest initial print run comparing to any book in Japan with 3.8 million copies.
It was ranked as the best selling manga of all time in Japan. One Piece The Movie 10: Strong World One Piece Main Character Straw Hat Pirates Crew Member Monkey D. Luffy Roronoa Zoro Nami Usopp/ Sogeking Sanji Tony Tony Chopper Nico Robin Franky Humming Brook One Piece! Opening and Ending Theme Song Openings 1. We Are!
By Hiroshi Kitadani 2. Believe
By Folder 5 3. Hikari E
By The Babystars 4. BON VOYAGE!
By Bon Bon Blanco 5. Kokoro no Chizu
By BOYSTYLE 6. Brand New World
By D-51 7. We Are! (Straw Hat Pirate version)
By Cast of Straw Hat Pirate 8. Crazy Rainbow Star
By Tackey and Tsubasa 9. Jungle P
By 5050 10. We Are! (Remix)
By TVXQ 11. Share the World
By TVXQ 12. Kaze wo Sagashite
By Yaguchi Mari and Straw Hats 13. One Day
By THE ROOTLESS 14. Fight Together
By Namie Amuro 15. We Go!
By Hiroshi Kitadani Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the story. He ate the devil fruit called Gomu-Gomu fruit (Gum Gum fruit) causing him become a rubber man. Although he cannot swim but he dreams to be the King of the Pirates and find the treasure of the greatest pirate called Golden D. Roger, One Piece. He was inspired by Shanks, the captain of Red Hair pirates. When he reached the age 17, he set off to gather crew member for the Straw Hat Pirate and headed towards the Grandline. Roronoa Zoro is the first crew member that Luffy encountered. Zoro is a sword man, well-known as the pirate hunter. His goal is to become the greatest sword man by defeating Dracule Mihawk. He was saved from his execution by Luffy, this makes him decided to become Luffy's crew member. Zoro has no sense in direction so he is often lost in the series. Nami is the second crew member that Luffy encountered. She is known as the "Cat Burglar" who is a thief. She later then become Straw Hat Pirate's Navigator with her abilities of recognizing slightest change of weather. She decided to help Luffy because he helped her defeating Arlong, the shark-man pirate, who took over her village. Her dream is to draw the map of the world. Usopp is the third crew member Luffy encountered. Usopp is a liar, but also a talented inventor and a sharp shooter. His father, Yasopp, leaves him and his mother at the island and joined the Red Haired pirates which eventually meets Luffy. Usopp also disguise as Sogeking, the first when he had an argument with Luffy. Sanji is the fourth crew member Luffy encountered. He was known as "Black Leg" Sanji. He became the Straw Hat pirates cook who has a powerful kick. Sanji is very-likely a perverted, although he said he will never harm women, but it is up to the woman's appearance. Sanji's dream is to find "All Blue" the legendary sea which contains every types of fish from the world. Later in the story, his dream is fulfilled. Tony Tony Chopper is the fifth crew member Luffy encountered. He became the doctor of the Straw Hat pirate. Chopper is a blue-nose reindeer who has the human abilities because he ate the hito-hito fruit (human-human fruit). He has one of the most bitter past among the crew member of Straw Hat Pirates. Chopper is also somewhat-like the mascot of ONE PIECE. Robin is the sixth crew member Luffy encounter. She is known as the "Devil Child" (named by the World Government). She ate the Hana-hana fruit (flower-flower fruit) causing her to gain ability to create a temporary copies of her body parts everywhere near her. Robin is an archaeologist, her dream is to find the world's lost history. Her past is as bitter as Chopper's past. Franky is the seventh crew member Luffy encountered. His name was Cutty Flam, but he called himself Franky to hide his identity. He became the shipwright of Straw Hat Pirate. Franky is a cyborg due to an incident in the past. Franky's dream is to build a ship, become the shipwright, and sails it to the end of the sea. He then built Thousand Sunny, the ship Straw Hat pirate use after Going Merry (which Merry's journey ended with a touchful farewell to the crew member), and joined Straw Hat Pirate. Brook is the eighth crew member Luffy encountered. He is known as "Dead Bone Brook" because he is a skeleton. Brook is a musician with skilled fencing. He ate the Yomi-yomi fruit (revive-revive fruit) which gave him the ability to have second life. Brook was once a crew of "Rumbar Pirate" who entered Grandline 50 years ago. Because he is a light-weight skeleton, he can jump very high and can run across the water. Endings 1. memories
By Maki Otsuki 2. RUN! RUN! RUN!
By Maki Otsuki 3. Watashi ga Iru Yo
By TOMATO CUBE 4. Shochi no Suke
By Suitei Shojo 5. BEFORE DAWN
By AI-SACHI 6. fish
By The Kaleidescope 7. GLORY-Kimi ga Iru Kara
By Takako Uehara 8. Shining Ray
By Janne da Arc 9. Free will
By Ruppina 10. FAITH
By Ruppina 11. A to Z
By ZZ 12. Tsuki to Taiyo
By Shella 13. Dreamship
By Aiko Ikuta 14. Mirai Kokai
By Tackey and Tsubasa 15. Eternal Pose
By Asian Engineer 16. Dear friends
By TRIPLANE 17. Asu wa Kuru Kara
By TVXQ 18. Adventure world
By Delicatessen One Piece the Movies 1. The Great Gold Pirate 2. Clockwork Island Adventure 3. Chopper's Kingdom on
the Island of Strange 4. Dead End Adventure 5. Curse of the Sacred Sword 6. Baron Omatsuri
and the Secret Island 7. The Giant Mechanical
Soldiers of Karakuri Castle 8. The Desert Princess and the Pirates 9. Episode of Chopper Plus:
Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura 10. Strong World 11. Straw Hat Chase (3D) 12. Film Z Theme And Plot Genre Plot Action Fantasy Drama Adventure Comedy Tragedy "There once was a man named Gold Rodger, a pirate, and he was given the glorious title: 'King of the Pirates' for possessing the legendary treasure, One Piece. He had fame, fortune, and power, until one day, he caught and brought to the execution tower to be executed. These were his last words, “My fortune is yours for the taking, but you have to find it first. I left everything I owned in One Piece”.
From that day on, pirates from all around the world sailed to the Grand Line in search of One Piece the treasure that would make their dreams of fame and fortune come true. But no one has ever found the location of Gold Roger's treasure, and the Grand Line is too dangerous of a place to overcome as they were just pirates without any special skills.
22 years after Gold Rodger’s death, a boy named Monkey D. Luffy wanted to give a shot at finding the legendary treasure as he had the vision of becoming the King of Pirates ever since he was a little boy. With inspiration of his idol, the deceased Gold Rodger, and the help of from his role-model, 'Shanks' of the Red Hair Pirates, Luffy sets out and finds a crack team of special people to help him on his arduous quest."
Source: http://library.thinkquest.org/07aug/02062/plotsummary.html Organized by Phing Pimvipa Hanharutaivan Grade 9B
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