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Why did the United States provide military aid to the French

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Dana Bramwell

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Why did the United States provide military aid to the French

Why did the United States provide military aid to the French in Indochina?
China’s fall to communism and the outbreak of the Korean War helped convince the U.S to aid France. U.S was afraid that if Vietnam fell to communism, the rest of Southeast Asia would follow.
How did American involvement in Vietnam change during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations?

Why did Americans disagree about the Vietnam War?
Some saw the conflict as a civil war in which the United States should not interfere.
Saw South Vietnam as a corrupt dictatorship and believed defending it was immoral.
Unfair draft system
Vietnam was important to have for battle against communism Kennedy cont. to support Vietnam
Kennedy is assassinated Johnson takes over
Unprovoked attacks on U.S are made by Vietnam Johnson orders a sustained bombing campaign against North Vietnam and sends 1st U.S combat troops to N. Vietnam
They used ambushes, booby traps, and other guerrilla tactics.
American troops tried to find enemy troops, bomb their positions, destroy their supply lines, and force them out into the open for combat.
What military tactics were used by the Vietcong, and how did American troops respond?
What policies did Nixon employ to end the war?
January 27, 1973, the warring sides signed an agreement “ending the war and restoring the peace in Vietnam.”
In December 1972, to force North Vietnam to resume negotiations, the Nixon administration began the most destructive air raids of the war. In what became known as the “Christmas bombings,” American B-52s dropped thousands of tons of bombs on North Vietnamese targets for 11 straight days.
How did the "Christmas bombings" help to put a stop to U.S involvement in Vietnam War?
-the policy of improving relations with the Soviet Union and China in hopes of persuading them to cut back their aid to North Vietnam
-the process of making South Vietnam assume more of the war effort by slowly withdrawing American troops from Vietnam
"Domino Theory"
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