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B-dot Probes

No description

Adam Warmoth

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of B-dot Probes

Getting Data from Gun
Helmholtz Coil
Designing the Probes
Plastic Form
3D Modeled and Printed
Designed for easy orientation
Picked size/number of turns to achieve best sensitivity and frequency response
Hard to acheive smaller size
Printer Resolution
Capacitor Circuit
1uF, 2kV capactior discharged through coil
Creates similar fields to gun
Uses current probe and properties of coil to calibrate probes
Calibrate and use newly manufactured probe in array
Get measurements for s,z,θ components of magnetic field over time
Into the Fall
B-dot Probes
Through Hole Inductors
Precise known inductance values
Small scale
Easy to attach leads
Cylindrical -> Hard to orient precisely
Inductor Chips
Very small scale
Easy to orient
Comes with 3D model file
Building the Coil
3D printed slot
Grooved and wound with lathe
Known uniform magnetic field produced at center of of coil
3D Coil
Allows calibration in 3 dimensions
Gives magnitude rather than just 1 component
Adam Warmoth ME SURI 2014
Stanford Plasma Physics Lab
Physical Principles

If ω >> 1/RC
New Probe Array
With Inductor Chips

Print array that measures field in 3D
Minimize size to reduce effects on the guns firing process
Needs to fit between the anode and cathode
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