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Public Opinion Project

Should school systems institute a year long school program (9 weeks of classes with the occasional day off and 3 weeks break after every 9 weeks)?

Jordan Black

on 23 November 2009

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Transcript of Public Opinion Project

Public Opinion Project Should school systems institiute a year long school program (9 weeks of classes with the occasional day off and 3 weeks break after every 9 weeks)? *Poll Conducted November 4th to November 10th 65 individuals were polled
*23 Yes & 42 No The End Balanced Calendar Video

The topic of year long school is a touchy one. Many people want it, many people don't. School systems should enact a year long school program. There would be so many advantages and very few disadvantages.
A disadvantage of what we do now is wasted class time on review. When you come back from summer vacation the first thing that you do in a class is review from the prerequisite class. That is a week and a half, or more depending on the class, of time that you can not get back before the EOC (ie. Algebra 1 to Algebra 2). Another disadvantage is just being out of the rhythm of school for that long. One thing about summer is that some students get bored, but one thing about summer that all students start to dread school coming up with about 3 weeks left of summer. This dreading school is not good, students should want to come to school. Also with being out of the rhythm, it takes a couple of weeks for students to get used to being back in school. It also probably would improve test scores, because students are in school year long.
A disadvantage of year long school would be how to work out the schedule. Would you go more days? Would three week vacations at the end of 9 weeks be bad or good? One problem with year long school would be when the official school year starts and when it ends. Also a problem would be when vacations should be. 3 weeks every 9 weeks would be great. Students get a good amount of time to have break. They would not get tired of school. And it is an good amount of class time. But it would be hard to work it with Easter break and Christmas/New Year's.
The advantages weigh out the disadvantages. When we would have breaks would be a problem that can be solved fairly easy by school officials. The students having more class time and less “I don't want to go back to school” attitudes are a great thing and should be considered.
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