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varsha menon

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of India

By: Varsha Menon India India's Background The Republic of India was formed in January 26, 1950. The Indian Civilization was around 3300 years back. As of today, India is 5500 years old!
India is mostly ruled by the prime ministers. Some of the most known Prime Ministers of India were:
Jawaharlal Nehru
Indira Gandhi
Morarji Desai
Rajiv Gandhi
V.P Singh
And so many more! Today, the prime minister of India is Dr. Manmohan Singh. Languages Spoken All around India, many languages are spoken. There are 22 official languages known in India. They are : Hindi
Sindhi Geography India is located in Asia. In fact, it is right next to China. They follow the Indian Standard Time. The time difference between Canada and India is around 9 and a half hours. India is in South Asia. India has four main seasons. Monsoon season (rainy season ), starts in June all the way to September. Summer is from April to June and the weather is 32 degrees to 40 degrees. In winter the weather is 10- 15 degrees. It usually starts from December to April. The coldest months are January and December. Post monsoon season is from October to December. Exports India exports many things to Canada. Such as
- organic chemicals
- iron or steel
- pearls or special stones
- boilers
- woven clothing
- medicines
- mineral fuels
- electrical machinery Imports India imports many items as well.
Some are:
- vegetables
- aircraft
- paper
- pearls
-mineral fuels
- fertilizers
- wood pulp
- boilers
- iron and steel
- ores Natural Resources And Largest Trading Partner India's natural resources are iron ores, copper ores, gold, and India is generated from coal.
India has fifteen largest trading partners. There is China, UAE, Germany, U.S, Saudia Arabia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Kuwait, Korea, and Singapore. Technology Culture Food There are many different types of food all around India.
North Indian:
Roti or different types of bread
Butter chicken
Cottage Cheese or paneer
South Indian:
India is also known for their delicious sweets. The most known ones are:
Gulab Jamun
Kulfi ( Popsicles )
And so many more! Music There are different types of music all around India! Each place in India has their own style of music. There is Carnatic (indian classical), Indian Pop which is a mix of Indian folk and classical music, Indian hip hop, Indian dance music, Ghazals, Rabindra Sangeet, Hindustani, and Film music which you usually hear in movies. Dance There are so many types of dance forms in India! Each form of dance can represent many things. Either it's a story or a lesson. Different parts of India share different dances, Some of the dance forms are bhangra, bollywood, bharatanatyam, kathakali, mohiniyattam, kathak, odissi, dandiya, gidha, kuchippuddi, and manipuri. In India they dance for many different events. Like a wedding, a birthday, or even at special ceremonies. Dancing is a way to express feelings and emotions. Games and Sports Like Canada and other places, India does play many sports and games. They play similar games like soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling, tennis, field hockey, golf, cricket and boxing. India also has their own traditional games. For example kabaddi, kancha, and kite flying. Kabaddi is a traditional game that is played by the boys and girls. Kabaddi has many different forms. There are Amar, Sanjeevani, and Gaminee. Kite flying is a game that is played on a special festival. The festival is called Makar Sanskranti. Kite flying is played with many people. Kancha is played with many marbles. It is popular in cities and different villages. This game is played by many young boys. Traditions Indians have many traditions. They put on a red colored powder which is called sindhoor, after marriage. They wear henna on a wedding day or when celebrating special events. They wear colourful bindi's, which is a forehead decoration. They wear indian clothing when going to the temple. When at a death ceremony they have to wear all white clothing. For respect, the younger members of the family touch the old members feet for blessings. The people eat with their right hand. It is not that they have bad manners, it is just how they eat. Clothing Indians wear and make beautiful clothing! Kids, men, women, and even babies can wear traditional indian clothing. There are so many types of clothing to wear. For women they wear lehenga, salwar kameez, sari, kurti, and punjabi suits. Men can wear many things as well. Like kurta, dhoti, lungi, and a sherwani. In India, they make some of the clothing as well. Some sarees are made in India! They also wear bright and colourful bangles to wear with their outfit. Family Life The Five Requirements In conclusion, I have added a short clip of Incredible India! I hope my presentation has helped you learn a little more about India. Introduction India is a gorgeous and colorful place.
I am so happy to be doing a presentation on this wonderful place! I hope you learn more and enjoy my presentation about India! India is all one big family. In each family there are always so many members. There is the mother, the father, the sister/brother, grandmother, grandfather, if married the brother/sister in law, the kids, and the aunts and uncles. They all live in one big house. It is the mother's job to take care of the house and the children. While the father, goes to get a job. The children are sometimes go to one main school. Or, they are home schooled. The women in the house have to do the cleaning and the cooking. The children will help the parents with all the requirements. India is very advanced in their technology. Some of the worlds information technology leaders are based in India. Bangalore is known as the Silicon valley of India. India also provides a lot of information technolgy services to the world. Some of the more well known service provicders are Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro and HCL Technologies. The five requirements that you would need to know if you were to move in India are: 1. Respect. If you are to move to India, you need to respect a lot of things. You would need to respect the different religions and cultures. The different lifestyles. Also the different people around.
2. Before entering India, you should be aware of the different diseases and how to take precaution. There are a few diseases in India that might be contagious. For example dengue fever, malaria, and and chicken pox.
3. You need to be aware of the climate. You should know that the climate of India is very hot! You need to dress appropriately to maintain the weather.
4. You need to know the laws of India. There are many rules there to follow. There are also many laws that are permitted. It is mandatory to learn the rules of this land.
5. You will have to learn the languages. In most places, the official language is English. But, in some places they don't know English, so you would need to know the main language, If you don't know any of the languages, at least you should learn the official language which is Hindi.
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