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No description

lewis wells

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Cycling

cycling How I got into cycling I asked my dad if
I could do a
sponsered ride... To Filey abou 86 miles. so he said we
would have
to do some training Now we are doing 20 miles on
tuesday and on
sunday we do
about 50-60 My cycling Club East Bradford How i got into it In the holidays my dad found this cycling club I could go to. It was pritty good so i kept going. Now I have got an
east bradford top some pictures
of some
rides we have
been on. MY Bike I had been doing a
few training rides... and i was getting
really tired Because of
the bike
I was useing The bike I had was phil
batmans and he
was a natonal racer and
his bike gears were
to big for me. and so my mum and dad bought me a new bike I got an ORBEA
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