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The Pop Art Movement

No description

Tristan Winn

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of The Pop Art Movement

The Pop Art Movement Pop art began in Britain during the mid 1950's.
Then moved to the United States later in the 50's. It challenged the normal traditions of art, using images from popular culture, such as advertising, news, magazines, etc. One of the different techniques that artists use is taking images
from their original context and/or
combiningit with unrelated material. Pop art is widely considered a reaction to abstract expessionism, which at the time was extremely popular. Sometimes also thought of an expansion of it too. Some well-known artists of this time period are Andy Warhol, Claes oldenburg, and David Hockney. Here are some of their works. Andy Warhol: Claes Oldenburg: David Hockney: By Tristan Winn
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