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Animal Farm

No description

Cho Chan Ho

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Animal Farm

One of the main themes in George Orwell's
Animal Farm
is that history is bound to repeat itself if people aren't mindful of their mistakes. This is the big message seen through out the book, and it shows that if people don't learn from the mistakes that they or someone else have made, they are likely to make those same mistakes again.
Mr. Jones- represents the Czar of Russia.
Mr. Pillington- represents the leader of England.
Napoleon- represents Joseph Stalin.
Old Major- represents Vladimir Lenin.
Snowball- represents Leo Trotsky.
The dogs- represent the military/police.
The chickens- represent farmers.
Boxer- represents the working class.
Squealer- represents the propaganda.
Mollie- represents the upper class.
Moses- represents the Russian Orthodox Church.

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Animal Farm represents the Soviet Union
Manor Farm represents Russia
Foxwood represents England
Pinchfiled represents Germany
The Farmhouse (The Kremlin) home to Mr. Jones (Czar)
Animalism- Communism
Hoof and Horn- Hammer and Sickle
The Windmill symbolizes Stalin's 5 year plan
Animal Farm
by George Orwell

George Orwell was born July 25, 1903, in India where his father was stationed in the English Military. After a year he moved back to England in the United Kingdom. His father stayed in India and rarely visited. He stayed in the military until 1912. In 1911 Orwell was put in a boarding school. Where he wasn't respected or popular with his friends. He did succeed in getting scholarships to Wellington College and Eton College. After attending Eton College Orwell decided to join the India Imperial Police Force. After five years he retired from the Police Force. He started his writing career in 1933 with the launch of his first major book
Down and Out in Paris.
After he wrote two other books, Orwell died January 21, 1950.
Animal Farm by George Orwell is about the animals on Manor Farm hating the way they were treated. The animals then create a rebellion and overthrow Mr. Jones the owner of the farm. The animals on the farm worked together to keep the new farm going strong. The farm is held up by two pigs named Snowball and Napoleon. They create the seven commandments of Animal Farm. You will have to see what other things farm does in the book when you will read it.
About the Author
The allegory of Animal Farm is the early years of the Soviet Union and the 1917 Russian Revolution. There is such thing as Animalism in this book and it refers to communism.This book Animal Farm accurately reflects all the events in the Russian Revolution, but you will have to read the book to see how.
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