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The apple pie :-P

No description

Marta Boschis

on 22 May 2016

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Transcript of The apple pie :-P

The Recipe
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By Viola e Marta

The Apple pie is a typical American food in fact it's an american common saying "American as an Apple pie".
The recipe of this pie is very easy, short and with not many ingredients. There are only butter, flour, sugar, water, phyllo dough and ... of course apples.
The apple pie
The History
An American tradition is to eat the apple pie on the 4th July, after the barbecue and on the Thanksgiving day.

But American and English people like cooking the apple pie on every occasion.
American and English people usually put on the pie a topping such as ice cream, cream, cheddar cheese and cookies.
The mock apple pie
There is an imitation of the apple pie,the mock apple pie, a cake with crackers, eggs, butter, sugar, cremor tartaro, lemon and cinnamon, but without apples.
But its origins are British.
With the arriving in the New World it became popular in the New England because it didn't have many ingredients.
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